How to Create Natural Organic Farm | Tips for Organic Farming | സ്വാഭാവിക വനം, ഓർഗാനിക് ഫാമിംഗ്

This is a man made organic farm built about 5 decades ago. Leelavathy Amma, even at the age of 75, is taking care of this farm like her life. “From the past 45 years, this farm won’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. And can see that difference in this soil itself. Many believe that pesticides and fertilizers are required for the ample growth of plants. But that is wrong, If you allow them to grow in their natural habitat just like in forests, then they will grow as you would expect.” The water rich farm as this farm is situated on the banks of this river. Thootha River is the life of this farm. The main reason for the success of this farm is nothing but our Thootha River. It is the soul of our lives. Generating growth by watering instead of tilting is the technique used in this farm. Nitrogen providing plants like Gliricidia is planted inside the farm. And it is used as manure.“Gliricidia is planted all around this farm. Yearly 3 to 4 branches are cut down and the leaves are used for providing Nitrogen to the soil. Thus we don’t have to depend on any other artificial things for Nitrogen “ Different varieties of Nutmeg,coconut, Arecanut, Banana, Jackfruit tree, Mango tree along with many regional and foreign trees are abundant in this farm. “The secret of the richness of this farm is the fertile soil made out of the manure made by leaves. This farm is made in a natural way presenting the atmosphere of a forest. Complete elimination of pesticides and other particulars along with the avoiding of disturbances like tilting is what makes this possible.Only organic fertilizers are merged in this soil. For the past 2,3 years, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Malabar Giant squirrel and may other unexpected guests are the regular visitors of this farm. “ Leelavathy Amma’s belief that every man should pass on his soil to his next generation without losing its natural quality is what she is trying to demonstrate to others with her life. “A man can never create a bit of soil in this earth not even can take away it while. It’s our responsibility. We have to handover this rich Nature to our next generation without spoiling it. In that sense, I did my part well.”

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