How to Cultivate Azolla in a BUDGET using a Small Styrofoam Container! – Tagalog

Hello! I’m Jeannette of and from Azolla sa Pinas We are here to show you on how to use styrofoam in cultivating Azolla. This is Azolla, this is being used as an alternative feeds for chicken, pigs, cow, goat and others. This is how it looks. So we will need… water to start, azolla (1/8) kg, tape, plastic, gloves and scissor. The plastic is 20 by 30 inches (20″*30″) costing P20 for 20 pcs so the cost will be P1 per piece We will be using two of this to prevent leaks This styrofoam is being used as apple container in the market We bought this for P10 but when we buy the sytrofoam the seller usually gives us a discount so P7.50-10 will be the investment for the styrofoam while for the plastic .. P1each (2pcs will be used),. total P12, then P1 for the tape. P13 will be needed This is how big the plastic is We will cut it in half because the length of the styrofoam is longer, we will use 2 of this We already cut 2 pcs in advance to save time We cut the sides This is how big this is Overlap 2 plastic Align it Submerge the plastic We need some water.. to make it easier to apply the tape We tried taping it without water ( it was hard!) Don’t put too much water, it will be too heavy to transfer later Just enough water especially on the sides Then we will put tape on the sides even if it gets wet it won’t be easily removed We already made this last week it was raining then but the tape is still intact The video had been cut so we already taped the back part We are in this part.. I’m folding the plastic before taping it If you have a wider tape, BETTER We’re using this tape because this is what is available For the corner, it will depend on you on how you want to close it , as long as it is closed and taped properly We will double the tape application You can also tape the entire sides in full doubling the tape application so incase water makes contact, the tape won’t easily fall off This is done We will transfer this on its location We are still missing something We need the cow dung and soil We will put it in the styrofoam then we will put the azolla after The cow dung is used as the Azolla fertilizer Cow dung is required We also need healthy soil Our styrofoam is 4 inches in height We will just transfer this to a new location so we can already put the water These are what we already made earlier As you can see.. there are some mixtures because the cow dung we are getting here still has some grass mixture on it I’ll just get the water The styrofoam is 4inches in height so our water will be 3 inches in height We will put the azolla This is the cow dung with soil crush it I’m removing the grasses others might not have these floating mixtures but cowdung we are able to collect, already has some grass mix in it Cow’s here poop in grasses here It is just like this You will spend P13 to make this For us we just spend P10 because of the extra discount we got Styrofoam are just throwing it anyway If you will be getting a bunch of it, you might also get a discount You might get it lower or even for P5 I already put a bit much of this I’m just putting it all up Here is our azolla 1/8 kg after a few days,. this will be full this is already a bit much, we can put some in another styrofoam For 1 lunchbox you can use 3 styrofoam There, that is how it’s done then after a few days We already done some last week here it is,. and here are the other so 1 lunchbox can be cut into 3 This is what we’ve done last week We already harvested a few times already in this We are already benefiting on this already feeding azolla to the chickens then when its raining we are putting the cover of this styrofoam to prevent overflowing But if you have a location where there is a shade it would be better But it still need to have sunlight The small yellowish color your seeing, that seems rotten It’s not rotten it is the new germination A new azolla copy because azolla are making a duplicate of themselves That’s All!! Thank you!

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