How to Customize Your Succulent and Cactus Soil (Succulents Differ)

Hello Everyone, this is Sheila and in this
video, we will be looking at 4 types of Succulent and Cactus Soil mixes. Have you ever wondered how you could customize
your cactus and succulent soil mix to improve drainage and how much fast-draining is really
good enough especially since succulents may also differ in needs? Let’s proceed. First Type of Soil Mix is your regular commercial
cactus soil. You can easily buy these from Lowe’s or
Home Depot or your local Garden Center and they have good amount of drainage, but you’ll
see in a bit how we can still customize this soil to improve it further. For now, let’s skip on over to the second
type of soil and you will be surprised with this one. This second type is non-conditioned soil with
no fertilizers and no enhancements whatsoever. I planted these guys directly in the ground
that probably had garden soil. Please take note that I also chose the thinnest
and frailest assortment of succulents here. You’ll be surprised. I’ll show you an update on these guys shortly,
but I just need to show you this. This soil is definitely not fast-draining. This is why I’m encouraging you to conduct
your own experiments. In fact, this soil is just whatever. See the gravels? You definitely would wanna see the update
on these succulents, and I’lI show that in a bit. Let me just show you this one first. I planted this succulent here in August, and
so, it’s in the midst of summer, and look how healthy she is. This is what inspired me to do this experiment. Please don’t ask me the name, ‘cause honestly,
I have no clue. These Succulents will be exposed to rain and
everything else, except snow and this footage was taken in October, and here’s the update
on these guys now. Look at how fat these succulents are now. Somehow, just the fact that these succulents
are planted directly on the ground that they are getting the right nutrients that they
need. I planted different kinds of succulents on
purpose to see what happens. Do you realize now how there are a lot of
variables with growing them? So two growers who would be practically neighbors
would have different results. Just look at the old leaves and the new leaves. So, experiment, experiment and still experiment. In fact, even the leaves that I knocked off
propagated nicely. Third type of soil is this regular potting
soil mix which are heavy and compact. If you would look here, although a regular
potting soil mix would also have bits of perlites or pumice, it is actually still quite dense,
compact and heavy. If you would add sand and perlite to enhance
drainage, this becomes pretty much like the commercial cactus soil mix. We can always add more perlite to commercial
cactus soil mix, especially for Lithops and Split Rocks, like this consistency. But there is a 4th type of soil that is fast
getting to be my favorite. So, the 4th type of soil is Coco Peat or Coir. This Coco peat absorbs water really fast,
which means less watering time for us. Coir or coco peat is fiber from the outer
husk of coconut. This material is actually really light and
the fibers allow lots of air circulation that it dries up really fast, which is a great
preventive measure for root rot. I’ve tried coco peat for small pots like
these and they are great. Let me take out this Echeveria Pollux out
of his pot to show you what it’s like in there. I wouldn’t recommend it for large pots like
this one just yet, ‘cause I still have to test it. So, for now, I recommend it for smaller pots
and I’ll put a link in the description in case you want to check this out, and this
small block actually expands to fill probably about 8 to 10 pots, or so. And as I’ve said in the past, don’t be
scared to test things out and see which soil type or soil mix works in your location and
of course, your succulent. So, after watching your four options, which
soil mix do you think would work for you? Remember the succulents that were planted
directly on the ground at the start of this video and how fat they are? Don’t be afraid to try new things guys. Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever
achieve greatly. And this does not just apply to Succulents,
but life itself. Thank you, this is Sheila again, your person
on a mission for succulent fame. Sending inspirations your way with every succulent. Remember to subscribe and share this video.

28 thoughts on “How to Customize Your Succulent and Cactus Soil (Succulents Differ)

  1. Very nice! I have been wanting to see how they do in different soils. Thank you so much! I always learn so much watching your videos. 😁😊🤗🌈🌞

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for the video. 😊
    I hadn't thought of using coir for a planting medium, but I think it looks very interesting, especially promising for young plants in small pots, perhaps. The commercial cactus and succulent mixes here in Australia are horrible, once they dry out they're very hard to get water into, so I have been making it myself.
    Have a very Happy Christmas, and I look forward to seeing more videos next year! 😊 🎅🎄🦌

  3. That's why I so love watching your videos! Thank you so much for being my succulent teacher. Your videos are so useful! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hi Shiela, what soil should i use for jade plant potting mix or coco peat? Can't find perlite here in the Philippines

  5. Excellent! I experiment w/ everything in my art studios, but risking a rare plant, never. Great reminder to relax & try everything, especially with succulents, which generally forgive “failure” and reward experimentation. I’m also reminded These plants, frequently originating in extreme environments, can handle almost anything but over-pampering…which ends with an etiolated, weak, colorless plant, it’s natural
    Characteristics stripped away.
    I appreciate your production values as well. I’ll be watching.

  6. Hey, I have a question. Have you ever dealt with lithops? They're my absolute favorite succulent and I just got a pack of 11 yesterday and some seeds too. I was wondering if you maybe had any advice. Maybe you could even make a video

  7. Thanks for sharing such wonderful videos. Please advise which soil to use for succulent plants in pots without drainage hole.

  8. Hi , i have some premix bought (Perlite, Compose, Peat and coconut fiber) but i feel its quite wet and not drain fast enough in office area. I have no Sun in the office. Can advise additional mix to make it more drainage? Thanks

  9. Hello Everyone, I highly suggest mixing pumice or perlite to coco pith. It makes it lighter, more fast draining and fast-drying. Right now, this is one of my favorite medium. I’m also leaning towards Bonsai Jack Gritty mix for esthetics. As I always say, don’t be afraid to try new things and test things out. Thank you! ❤️☺️🌈

  10. Coco peat has negligible, in fact almost no nutrients. It might drain well but also holds on to water/moisture. I don't know how your succulents are growing in coco peat alone.

  11. Sheila, thanks so much for this potting soil video! All your videos help me a lot, and your presentation is always entertaining.
    Lisa in Oceanside, CA

  12. Shiela you didn’t add anything else to the coco coir block? Succulents and Sunshine mix is 1/2 coco + 1/2 Pumice or Turface or Crushed granite. I would like to experiment with coco coir. I have been adding dry stall to the succulent dirt I buy from Lowe’s.

  13. Hello,I just planted my succulents in pumice underneath the soil mix should I water them soon?my succulents look too dry?s

  14. We live in a temperate climate where it can be so hot for months just like El Niño this year and rains came late so humidity is high on months that rains are present I fear watering my succulents less they get root rot and not drain enough…

  15. Hi Sheila, can I use regular potting mix and some perlite to grow succulents? Was thinking maybe 50/50 regular potting mix and perlite. Thanks!

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