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“Together Faming Achieve Great”, is an agricultural group which has its origin in Palakkad. Even before the decades, C. Mohan has been active in this group as a proficient farmer. “What I am practicing here is a part of organic farming called natural farming. A farmer can’t achieve success with organic farming alone. It might have helped in farming or have protected our soil, but it will be difficult to continue with this farming technique in the future. So it will be great if we switch into natural farming. The basic principle of sustainable agriculture is planting more trees and integrated farming, by incorporating goats, hens, etc is the right farming method. “ The technique of cultivating different type of plants at the same place at the same time in different levels so as to facilitate natural growth is implemented here. “Lesser Galangal is cultivated at the bottom level of the ground. It belongs to the ginger family and will get the yield after 2 years. It has a good market value and can grow without much care. The next level of ground is cultivated with cocoa. This too has a good market value as it is supplied to Cadburys. Pepper is cultivated along with this. Then the next level includes areca nuts. The trees complete the last stage. Thus 5 stages of cultivation are practicing here right now. This is what we mean by natural farming. This is a cost- effective technique. It will grow naturally without much effort from our side. “ “This is a 25 feet deep well. The trees are the main reason for the surplus amount of water in this. So even when the nearby wells get dries up this well always have water less than 5 feet. This is a popular technique of water harvesting. Yearly we will use leaves of these trees as fertilizers. And it helps to retain the moisture content. The bird’s excretion also fertilizes the soil and helps in healthy growth of plants. The yearly collection of leaves and convert it to manure is the only task in this type of farming. For this we need only 10 people for an acre. “ A diligent farmer should be supported by his organic forest for his livelihood is the basic idea behind C.Mohanan’s wish.

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