How to Fertilize a Queen Palm Like a Moon Valley Nursery Expert

I’m Jim, nurseryman with Moon Valley
nurseries. how about the secret to the dark green lush Queen palms that Moon Valley
nursery specializes in? The secret is in fertilizing and fertilizing at the right
time with the right product. Queen palms have a need for extra nutrients that
isn’t contained in most normal fertilizers by applying our moondust
fertilizer three to four times a year you’re giving a great nutrient base to
your queen palm to ensure good growth during the act of growing season but for
that extra lush dark green appearance we recommend using Moon Valley palm
supplement applying that every other month opposite of the Moon dust will
give you that extra boost and the extra secret to having super great Queen poms
apply the moon dust at the same rate that we would for a normal tree and
shrub measure the trunk of the tree two foot off the ground and use 1/2 a cup of
fertilizer for every inch trunk diameter of the tree up to 3 cups of food. Spread
the fertilizer evenly under the canopy of the palm and then water it in very
deeply for more questions on super queen palms,
call the queen palm experts at any moon valley nursery or visit our website
Moon Valley nurseries dot com I’m Jim barrage thanks for watching

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