How To Fertilize Fruit Trees – Fertilizing Schedule & Guide

hello friends I have several fruit trees in
my backyard and some of you had requested me a video on what kind of
fertilizer schedule I have for my fruit trees In today’s episode we will discuss
how to add fertilizer for fruit trees [music] so let’s see what you need to start
for your fertilizer schedule firstly you will need some kind of compost or
manure in this case I’m using chicken manure and steer manure and then you will
also need the fertilizer that you’re using and also a cultivator you will use
the cultivator to mix in the fertilizer you need the fertilizer I’m using this
fertilizer for a long time now it’s a great fertilizer organic red with
beneficial bacteria and I’ll provide a product link to this individual
description so that you can buy this product so the most important aspect of starting
a fertilizer schedule is to make sure that you start at the right time now I
usually start my schedule in about February or March when the plant starts
showing some signs of growth as you can see here very closely this plant has
begun to show some signs of growth and this is the perfect time to start your
fertilizer schedule now in my zone which is Zone 9B, I start
my schedule in February so what do you do is just take the fertilizer and
sprinkle it around the base of the plant and remember you can do this same
procedure for fruit trees that are there in either containers or on the ground so
let’s start by looking at how you add fertilizer to containers and then what
you do is once you add the fertilizer you top it off with the compost or manure
in this case I’m using manure you can also use homemade compost the
more compost you add to the soil the better it is for your plants compost has a lot of
life in it and has a lot of beneficial bacteria that will really help your
plants grow and even our organic fertilizer has a lot of beneficial
bacteria so that should also help now what you do is just make sure you mix it
in the soil around the base of the plant and if you have a little shallow roots
do not worry you can just remove them from the surface the roots that develop
deeper into the soil are the ones that are better as you can see here we just
removed one and make sure there are no weeds around the base of the plant and
most importantly once you add the fertilizer you need to water thoroughly
so for this container size we are looking at at least four gallons of water that you
need to water the plant with so that the plant starts getting the nutrients
and you also avoid any kind of fertilizer burn by watering your plants
well and let’s see the same procedure again
this is for the Meyer Lemon Tree we’re gonna be sprinkling the fertilizer around
the base of the plant and then mix in the compost or manure now what you can
also do is mix the fertilizer and manure together and then spread along the base
of the plant but just so that I show you how much fertilizer to use I just separated
these two steps and as you can see here we are using probably about two or three
cups of fertilizer for plants of this size if you have bigger plants you might
want to use more fertilizer but no matter what do you do if you are using
about 3 cups or 4 cups of fertilizer that should be sufficient for most of
the plants and we do the same thing now we rake in the soil we use this cultivator
the handheld cultivator to mix in the fertilizer into the soil and eventually
this fertilizer will get in deeper so do not worry about that once you start
watering the plant and we are going to follow the same step we’re gonna water
this plant thoroughly and once that is done your fertilizer application is completed now
I do not recommend using synthetic fertilizers for mature trees if you’re
seeing that you’re plants are not going very well you can use of synthetic
fertilizer and I’ll also provide a link to that fertilizer product in the product
link but remember that it’s not an organic product so if you’re ok with it
you can go out and use it, there are absolutely no problems you can still go ahead and use
it but it’s up to you what you want to use for your plants and now we’re gonna see the same
procedure but this time our plant is in the ground Now this is our Washington navel orange and
what we gonna do here is I’m gonna mix in the fertilizer with the manure or the
compost you can use either one of them so once you mix it in you just
spread it on the base of the plant and this is a smaller plant I mean its a smaller
tree if you had a larger tree you can spread along the drip line which is
basically the outermost part of the plant where if you had to water the plant the water
falls down towards the base of the plant that the outermost ring of the plant and
make sure you add the fertilizer from all sides and if you have any leaves, if
you have any kind of mulch already present just cover it back and that should eventually
decompose and add even more nutrients
to your fruit trees And this is our fertilizer schedule
remember that the most important part is to start when the plants are
just beginning to show some signs of growth and then follow the schedule that
you see on your screen So after about 7 to 10 days of applying your
fertilizer you should see a lot of new growth in your plants and that’s an
indicator that the fertilizer is working and your plants are growing well and if
you follow this schedule you’ll be able to grow healthy plant that produces a
lot of fruit delicious fruits that you will enjoy so I’d like to know from you do you follow a fertilizer schedule right
now or were you looking to learn how to add fertilizer to your fruit trees so that
you can get started and I’d also like to know over whether you use organic
fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers and what do you prefer I’ll see you again
soon I’ll see you again soon Happy Gardening

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  1. I have a french well a PVC pipe to the root system should i use the french well to add the fertiliser + water to the root directly will that cause any burn ?

  2. Hi 🙂 First I want to say ThankU for making your videos. They are so informative and you explain everything so well. I luv your videos, they've inspired me to step out and try to plant a small vege garden of my own, so we will see how this goes haha. i have a few questions…1st) I'm in Northern California and there's a 2 year old apricot tree in my parents backyard , I was wondering if this citrus fertilizer should be used for it? Also there is a small lemon tree back there that I've noticed is not very fruitful, I believe it gave less than 5 lemons last year. What do u suggest can be done to help this?

  3. Great update Thanks for all info. Have you tried using worm castings for poted fruit bushes and trees ? I will produce good 40kg of it this year so winder how effective it will be for example blueberry bushes.

  4. Thank you for those great videos, they are the best! My lime tree had new leaves but unfortunately it was all infested by mines. What is your recommendation to fix that problem?

  5. I alternate organic fertilizer with synethics: Every third year, I'll give my plants a hyper boost with a synthetic fertilizer. They don't bloom like yours did, and send out that massive amount of growth, so maybe it's the Jobe's you're using?

  6. Hi, I was blessed with a small Orchard of fruit trees in December and I had no idea how to care for them. I did what I thought was necessary and its exactly what you did. I added manure and mixed-up mulch from the garden leaves. I used the same fertilizer you used, but in sticks. I think next time I'll use the powder substance. Quick question? Do you trim the trees?

  7. thank you for your updates….I like your way of teaching n describing how to grow plants can I know how to grow okra from dring seeds

  8. Thanks for the info! nice video.
    I am new at this, but I was brave enough to plant two nectarine trees. They seem to be doing OK! I applied fertilizer just as it started to get cold, and i just added some as it began to warm up.
    As i said, I am new at this, and that being said, I have been using "Miracle Grow"! I suppose the add promos got to me. But they seem to be doing good.
    Now however, I will try this method to keep them growing.
    Thanks again.

  9. Hi California Gardening!
    Thanks for the informative video.
    I liked the music at the end. Can you please tell me the name of the song?
    Thank you very much.

  10. I'm so glad I found you on YouTube as I'm new at gardening and at taking care of fruit trees my new home has. I have 2 orange trees, one mandarin tree, one avocado tree, one pomegranate tree, and a plum tree. I was looking to learn how to fertalize my trees and garden (first timer) and when and how to prune them. My trees are not looking as nice as when I moved in so its time to take care of them before I kill em. Thank you for your help. I'm gonna fertalize all of them right now. Hopefully they can all eat the same food. oh and the fertalizer I have is like small people's vs the powder one you have. Is there a difference??. TY

  11. Thanks for sharing the fertilizers that you use. I have several citrus trees in containers and they will benefit from this.

  12. you say you are in zone 9b what city do you live in ? and have you ever used the fertilizers spikes ? just wanted to know if there is any difference

  13. New subscriber here. Thank you for all of the info on your channel. Do you supplement your citrus trees with the fish/seaweed mix or compost tea in addition to your regular fertilizer schedule?

  14. Are you familiar with lucuma fruit? I am very interested in growing this fruit. You are an excellent teacher. Thank you very much.

  15. I Use many Fox Farms products they All ORGANIC Ph-perferct already (Ocean Forest blend) as my soil base.

    I also add in organic pure worn castings by Top Dressing; 1 or 2 times /month before they fruit/bloom. And use a good water souce, Tap water may be to high, so i use a filter with a membrane that cost 50 bucks and gives you 7.0 ph tap water for 50,000 gallons

  16. I Use many Fox Farms products they All ORGANIC Ph-perferct already (Ocean Forest blend) as my soil base.

    I also add in organic pure worn castings by Top Dressing; 1 or 2 times /month before they fruit/bloom. And use a good water souce, Tap water may be to high, so i use a filter with a membrane that cost 50 bucks and gives you 7.0 ph tap water for 50,000 gallons

  17. Very good tips but we don't get ready organic fertiliser in my city so what organic fertilisers can we use tnx

  18. Are Potash and Epsom Salt considered synthetic fertilizers? I've been adding these plus vermicast and other organic compost and organic fertilizers but I have not followed any particular schedule…I add NPK and other minerals, algal fertilizers and fish liquid fertilizers to water for watering the soil or as foliar spray every other week, or every month because the potting mix in my container plants as well as my garden soil are generally poor in nutrients.

  19. How can you make the pomegranate bear fruit? Mine is about 4 years old, it has less than 5 flowers per year then dropped off the branch. Same fertilizer as shown in this video?

  20. Thanks for the informative video. For citrus here in zone 10a I fertilize 3x per year on Valentine's Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. I use 2 lb. actual Nitrogen annually with a low P and K component (21-7-14 for instance). I also apply a Mn and Zn supplement foliar during spring flush. Manure is a good product but may contain high salt levels. Yellowing leaves is usually a sign of high salt levels especially in container grown citrus. Your container grown citrus are doing very well.

  21. is it okay to give fertilizer to my avocado tree which is fruiting & showing new growth at the same time? I live in zone 11. thank you for the great tips!!!!

  22. Ive been doing the same but also adding micronized azomite with mushroom compost and Dr earth fruit and nut tree fertilizer.

  23. How do you know how much fertilizer to use for different size trees? Some of my trees are larger, six to fifteen feet. And is liquid fertilizer like seaweed and fish emulsion better?

  24. thanks for the info for. I'm in Houston,TX. we only had two days of cold weather in 20's my guava plant which was.fruitin seems like dead. all fruits are now black and all leaves have turned brown. Do u think it'll come back to life or not. what do I need to do to save it? can u help me out. thanks. my orange plant's leaves are also turning brown.


  26. For some reason, I always seem to water my garden first. Then I add worm juice diluted with water as fertilizer. If I'm using a store bought ration, my preference is Jobe's or Espoma brand (organic) product. Sometimes, my dog will try to eat the fertilizer from the container. Must be like vitamins for him.  Does this sound like reasonable practice to you?

  27. Great video! We have an all-natural product that is used like a fertilizer, but with no harsh chemicals. Check our profile for more information.

  28. i really scared i will overwater my citrus Pomegranate plant, but seeing you water generiously, i am more confident.

  29. Jobes Organic Fruit Tree Fertilizer:
    Inorganic Fertilizer:

  30. I would like to know how many time a year you feed your fruit trees? Thanks living in the High Desert CA

  31. Thanks, I have a seven year old tangerine tree started from seed, very healthy and I wanted to learn how to encourage it to bloom and produce fruit. It's outside all summer and inside all winter. i will do this fertilizer schedule and see what happens 🙂

  32. A Lemon tree Planted in ground some 3,4 years before in my kitchen garden , have given out 15, 20 fruits this vveek 15 sept 2007 at PUNE, Please give me Compst Organic Fertiliser Shedule.

  33. I use all organic, mostly espoma products but some times jobes since I like them as well, on anything I am going to eat, on my ornamentals and privacy hedge i use cheaper synthetics.

  34. Hi..I stay in India .Bangalore…I watch all ur videos and follow the tips u give …I have a problem with my papaya plant….which I am growing in a pot…fruits r developed…..the problem is leaves r curling up ….any remedy for this…another papaya plant has started showing same prob…I need advice on this…Thank u….

  35. I had been taught that for those of us that have saline or alkaline soil & water, it is best not to use steer or chicken manure, do to the salt content. Is this false?

  36. Thank you for this helpful information. I have been trying to have a small fruit orchard, but haven't had much luck. I will try fertilizing using your schedule. I live in northeast Texas, in the piney woods area, but used to live in southern California. I love watching your videos.

  37. Hey how you doing I want to know do you have any pomegranate seeds do you want to get rid of I had a pomegranate tree grow in my yard a coastal came in and killed it twice I just need to start over again hey how you doing I want to know do you have any pomegranate seeds you want to get rid of I had a pocket tree grow my yard acoustic came in and killed it twice I didn't need to start over again hope so hit me up on drainage Yahoo

  38. I live in Idaho, and have a peach tree that had been planted 1 year ago. Since it is a very young tree, I learned that I should not allow it to fruit, to allow the root system to get established well. Should I still use your schedule this year, even though we will not allow the tree to produce fruit?

  39. Start in February or March…
    I am in Michigan, and I still have some snow left in my yard today (May 1st). lol…

  40. I purchased my property with multiple grapefruits, orange, tangerine, cutie, pomegranates, figs, macadamia, pecans, and avocado. ALL ADULT SIZE! Been here for over a year, trees are MAGNIFICENT & I want them to stay that way. Looking for guidance.

  41. I live in Missouri zone 6 and have apple trees.  The nursery told me to stop fertilizing at the end of July so the tree can sleep this winter.  Just curious to know when you stop fertilizing.

  42. My nursery has told me to never fertilize after July 31st. because they need to sleep for the winter.  I do live in zone 6.  so I am top dressing my fruit trees with horse manure and compost.  Can I still do this in August

  43. Hello! I love your videos! I am completely new to gardening, but we have just moved to Southern California and are really excited to begin growing fruit trees. We recently inherited two young fig trees (black mission and celestial) and don't know where to begin. They are probably 6ft and 4ft high (in pots), but very sparse with leaves and only a couple of small fruits/buds on one of them (celestial). Is there anything we need to do with them besides water this time of year and until spring? Thanks so much!

  44. I live in South Australia I have a Lemontree when it flowering after flowering when it gets Small fruit 🍋🍊99% is falling down The three it in Port and the grounds can you let me know place

  45. What about rooted cuttings like Barbatos cherry and strawberry tree(Muntingia calibura) in containers ? What about using Russian comfrey tea for them?

  46. Enjoyed your video! I have two mature dwarf kumquat trees in pots. Do you continue fertilizing when it’s fruited. I’m in San Diego zone 10 A. This year my tree fruited early in the year and the fruits are taking a long time to ripen. They are edible now but could ripen a little more. One tree has lost a lot of leaves ( leaf miners?) but has lots of fruits and one has more leaves with fruits but the latter is growing new leaves. Their schedule seems very different than what I remember in the past years. I use earthworm castings and organic citrus fertilizer.

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