How to Fertilize Orchids : Fertilizing Cymbidium Orchids ” How to feed my Orchid”

HI Guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video we are going to be talking about fertilizing Cymbidiums.
Being it is summer time, we are going to talk about fertilizing Cymbidiums in the summer
to get best growth you can, to them prepared for the fall when they start putting up spikes.
what we are going to do first is mix up some fertilizer, so this one here is a 25-10-10.
now the reason we want the 25-10-10 is the first number is nitrogen. This is N-P-K , so
the nitrogen in the summer time is going to be very important for Cymbidium growth. Nitrogen
is going to give the energy to anything green and being Cymbidiums are putting up lots of
foliage, we are going to want a high nitrogen fertilizer for them for the summer time. So,
what we are going to want to do is start with some fresh water and mix that up appropriately,
I like to mix a mixture of about 200ppm. I have the luxury of having a total dissolved
solids meter, which looks like this here. so im going to be able to see exactly how
much fertilizer is in my water. For you guys, you will probably just want to follow the
directions on the fertilizer package and the actually cut that in half. This one here for
example is a half of teaspoon per gallon, so I would start with a quarter teaspoon per
gallon because you really don’t know how strong it is going to be. Cymbidiums and other Orchids,
their roots can burn very easy. All right we are back, so we have water in
front of us, we have some Orchid fertilizer, probably should have clean theat out a little
bit before grabing the water but it really doesn’t mater. It’s my greenhouse watering
thing. So this is the TDS meter, take off the cap,
turn it on. it has a reading of zero ppm. we will stick it in here, this is the before.
35,34,31, so it is
settling at 30 ppm, which is relatively soft, not to much of anything desolved in there,
probably just going to be a little bit of calcium.
Now we will take our orchid fertilizer and being our goal is 200ppm, we are going to
start with a little tiny bit. now this is a table spoon so im just using the littlest
bit in there. give that a stir, now ill see what it is up
so that brought it up to 142, 135, 139 so im going to put a little bit more in there,
just a tiny bit. Now it doesnt have to be an exact amount.
that is close enough, we are at 236 -237ppm. now remember I started at 30ppm total desolved
solids, so I have about 200ppm of fertilizer. And that is how I mix up the fertilizer for
my Cymbidiums, now i’ll replace the caps on everything.
The fogger has turned on now so it is kind of a little bit fogy in here.
If you watch any of my other videos you know there is a fogging system in the greehouse,
hopefully that doesnt effect us over on this side of the greenhouse. If you see a little
bit of fog, that’s why. so now lets head out and give the Cymbidiums
a good fertilizing. Alright so, Im going to give each one of these
Cymbidiums about a cup of fertilized water. I did water these earlier today so the media
is a little bit damp. You never want to fertilize an Orchid that is bone dry, the orchid roots
will suck up to much of the salts and the orchid bark sucks up quite a bit of salt
as well. so I’ll just go through and finish this off.maybe
a little bit of the water is trickling out the bottom, but not much.
Alright so there we go, start to finish, that’s how I quickly fertilize my Cymbidiums and
remember this is a summer time regime so in the winter we will switch up the fertilizer
a little bit but for now we used the 25-10-10. I hope you learn something on this video, if
you liked this video make sure to hit the like button and if you want to so more videos
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32 thoughts on “How to Fertilize Orchids : Fertilizing Cymbidium Orchids ” How to feed my Orchid”

  1. They probably get a dose once a month, they are usually growing bloom spikes at that point. thanks for watching!

  2. Hi Lexi, I would fertilize as long as it is getting enough light. They it is like my Oncidiums they do most of their growing in the fall and winter, then bloom in the spring.

  3. I fertilize my Cymbidiums considerably more. As soon as they have started growing for real, that's in May or June, I give them a spoonful of dried cowmanure – I buy them in pellets. Until then I fertilize like my other orchids.
    And they grow –  holy cow how they grow. Big fat pseudobulbs and lots of spikes in the autumn.

  4. I have had a cymbidium orchid potted for 4 years now and I have never had a flower spike yet. It's a beautiful healthy plant but no flowers. I live in zone 8, and I leave them out side all summer. I bring them in to stay around October or when the nights get below 40 degrees. This is the first year that I found out about letting them go through a drying out period when I bring them in. I have a sun room where they get filtered south sun all winter and the room stays around 68 to 75 during the day and down to about 60 to 65 at night. I have been watering about once a week or 12 days. Then I put them in the sink, spray them down with a good watering, let them drain and back they go. They look happy with new shoots but no flowers. HELP

  5. Hi Brad, I must firstly apologise for taking you back to 2013 when you spoke about fertilizing orchids.There is such a hype these days about going green, by that I mean going organic! My question is this. Do you personally prefer Organic or Chemical fertilizer for your Orchids?

  6. Hi if I want to use season and powerfeed together with my orchid specific fertiliser what part could I use of each. My season and powerfeed is mix together so could I use 100 parts per million season +powerfeed then 100 parts per million of orchid specific fertiliser to make it 200 parts per million in total.

  7. Thanks so much. You've taken the mystery out of how to use those meters. Much clearer than most other videos. Love your channel.

  8. Thanks man 🙂 I made up 2L and kind flooded the plant with the lot…. I'm do it your way next time. Certainly less wasteful.

  9. I totally agree with the water your Orchid (flush it) with normal water, then use the fertilized water. I have always done this & have never seen anyone say this but….well, you. LOL Awesome!!

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