How to Fertilize Your Lawn – Moon Valley Nurseries Style

I’m Jim Berridge, one of the nursery-men at
Moon Valley Nurseries. Right now I’m going to talk to you about how to fertilize your
lawn. Let’s get that green, lush, healthy lawn look that makes our home look cool and
inviting all year-round. Using Moon Royal Fertilizer, specifically designed for our
outgrown soils, and applying it every six weeks will give you that good strong healthy
lawn. First you want to take a good spreader. You can use a walk-behind spreader or a hand-held.
Using a spreader to broadcast the fertilizer across the lawn, we can distribute it evenly
to give us a good consistent look and avoid striping. Fertilizing a lawn, the best application
rate is about 5 pounds per 1000 square feet. So step off your lawn first and get an approximation
for how large an area your going to fertilize. A hand-held spreader will allow you to throw
the fertilizer in an arc about 10 feet across. Fill your spreader up with the food, pick
your direction to go, and start walking. After applying the fertilizer, make sure to water
your lawn deeply. If you can only water for about 10 minutes with your sprinkler system
do it twice about a half hour apart to make sure a good deep penetration of the fertilizer.
By applying Moon Royal fertilizer monthly you can maintain that great green, healthy
look in your yard that your neighbors will be envious of. I’m Jim Berridge, thanks for
watching and come on into our nurseries for better instructions.

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