How to Fertilize Your Succulents

Hi, I’m Debra Lee Baldwin in my garden about to fertilize my potted succulents because they’re coming out of winter dormancy I’m not getting paid to mention this product I just think it’s terrific and I want to tell you about it Annie Haven’s Moo Poo Tea Cow manure and she has dried it and packaged it so that you get a kind of tea bag I swear by it My succulents take off like crazy Any good, balanced liquid fertilizer fish emulsion works as well I give them a good fertilizing every spring and then maybe once again during the summer if I think of it. It creates a really nice liquid fertilizer So that’s what you’re going to get when you drop a Moo Poo tea bag into your watering can and fill it up with hose water And you let that steep overnight. Water them thoroughly first. It’ll gradually percolate downward into the soil but you’re not giving them so much that it runs out the bottom.

4 thoughts on “How to Fertilize Your Succulents

  1. Cool tea bag idea! I hope I can find that at my nursery in N. CA. Otherwise, could I use liquid kelp fertilizer (0.10-0-0.44)? And if so, how much would I mix in a 3 gal. watering can? It is Growmore Seaweed Extract. Can't wait to get outside–thanks for your fantastic succulent advice!

  2. Ok I have my moo poo tea. Did you say to water the plants first? Then apply the water that has been with the tea bags in it for at least 2 days?

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