10 thoughts on “How to Garden in a Bucket

  1. I have a ton of 5 gallon and 3 gallon buckets. They come in so handy! One year I had to use them to cover my pepper plants because we had a late frost. What zone are you in?

  2. I feel as if the limitations of using a bucket is what makes it a more manageable way to grow plants. You work on one at a time and can move the buckets at will, but you can't move a garden bed. You'd have to cover a garden bed or build hot boxes. It's easier to move, fill, empty or replant the buckets and to protect them from hungry critters. No building is required and they'll last for many years.
    Even here in Florida, we experience some cold nights or the sun beats down on the plants and they need some shade. And one bad storm or hurricane can wipe everything out.
    Good video, well explained and easy to understand.

  3. Scott i saw a video today where the guy used 5 gallon buckets , he drilled a hole about 5' up then filled the bottom with empty milk cartons with tops on and a hole drilled at about 2' from the bottom and 2' from the top , he then filled with compost and planted up , he'd created a wicking garden , best type i've seen , i don't know how busy your daughter is but this method would save her a lot of time watering and more time doing fun things , just a thought Scott ! , and it wouldn't use much more compost than your way !

  4. Are you using determinate tomatoes? If not, are they to be supported by the railing? Enjoyed this video very much.

  5. Doing bucket vegetables and companion plants this year under an above ground 8×10 hoop house. Was going to build a shed but switched gears. We get lots of rain in southwest Georgia and wanted to protect my tomatoes 🍅 from getting too much moisture on the plants 🌱. Experimenting with plastic and fabric pots, both are doing well but I think the fabric pots have a cooler root zone as they’re able to breath. My question Scott is: I used my own soil blend like you and would like to re-use it next year by letting the old plant roots decompose and then dumping/amending and re-potting. What would be your concerns in doing so? Thanks

  6. Restaurants and cafes often get oil and other food items in large bucket, so they're another source. And since they're used for food, you know the plastic is OK for growing food too.

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