how to get fertilizer in fast in ark tutorial

all you do is learn more here and we got
another video tricks what we got today day came out to me last night that some
people don’t know about way to make personalized or just somebody was saying
they’re going behind a broad term picking up poop best way to get
fertilizer is you get Technol which is really easy Colin booting BC when do is make sure he will have
some steam berries and just was the food level and just here and use too much
crap you have to that’s the easiest way to
get poop and organizer make a couple big been to Campos right now I got three and
you want to put three and they should the same poop size I’m just going up now
about fifty cents per 350 bad period three hundred and in the takes takes a
long time maker paralyzed or you can use for plants but the lasers better but
don’t realize it looks like that very much there is the best way to make their
lives or and get too I hope this helps you like to give me a films of just like
to give a thumbs down and comment and subscribe if you have an episode Dear
Leader down below and as always thank you

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