How to Grow a Four Season Garden

Do you want a landscape with nearly year-round
color and interest? It’s easier than you think. Hi, I’m William Moss and I’m going to show you how to
create a four season garden using trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses.
Let’s take a walk through the seasons. If you want a border with year-round
interest like this, you’re going to have to plant trees and shrubs
and other plants to shine in various seasons. Let’s start with spring. If you like
fragrance then plant lilacs. Lilacs come in purples, whites and
violets, and they are extremely fragrant. If you
need one that’s a little smaller look for miss Kim. This dwarf variety does
great just about anywhere. the other types of spring plants you want to
look for are azaleas, these guys bloom beautifully and can grow in
confined spaces, and crab apples, which explode into the
spring season in whites, reds, and pinks. In summer,
most trees and shrubs are lush and green but some also offer
colourful berries and colorful foliage. Serviceberry is one
of those with those bright berries. It blooms white in the springtime and then is
followed by red and purple berries, and some that the robins and songbirds
just love. And their tasty, you can eat them too. Now some
colorful shurubs include berberries, these ornamental shrubs have foliage of
burgundy and chartreuse. Look how cute those are…
Ornamental grasses also begin their show in the summertime, and these though sturdy guys add tons of the texture. This is purple fountain grass, tops out
at about three feet and then flowers up to about five feet.
And those tall spires wave in a summer breeze creating a
kenetic effect in the garden. Now fall is all about foliage… and the star of the show is of course the
maples. The maples start out with those green leaves and then they
turn those fantastic hues of orange, reds and yellows. Look for October Glory Maple. This tall shade tree has dark green foliage in the summer, it
turns a brilliant red in autumn. And then we get to winter. And in winter our evergreens offer a lot of color and texture like this gray green juniper here. But
there are other surprises too. Look for the red twigs of red twig
dogwood, also look for bright berries that you’ll
find on trees and shrubs, and don’t forget about those russet tones of the
the ornamental grasses. Your local Lowe’s garden center expert
will help you select colorful plantings that you will enjoy in every season.

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