How to grow and care Anthurium / Flamingo flower plant.

Hi everyone Satish here, welcome to my terrace garden Today, I will explain about and through Liam. It’s also called priming of flower Look like a peace lily. But with the bright color flower base It’s available in green dark blue White orange pink red Silver etc. Fallen Leaves look like a money plant. You can able to see all the leaves Look like ash Union honey plant. So many people maybe saw the money plant Next blooms make for long-lasting red flower Glossy look increase your garden and the house Beauty, see how beautiful the blooms The gloss is shining. Look when Sun early morning Sun be touching the flower this plant native to the tropical forest, especially America when distributed from north and Mexico to not an Argentine and parts of Caribbean island An tiem has been shown to help remove the formaldehyde ammonium and excellent from household air one of the best indoor air purifier It appreciate if you provide bright light near windows when you growing in household plans required temperature 16 to 22 degrees Celsius don’t like extreme cold and extreme hot temperature flower What you saying this one is small one yellow one, that one is actually flowers And What you think Minute dish is called spit all those are the botanist language, you know by all three four three Let’s talk about this soil the tribes best in moisture soil For that you want you required the soil mixture offer little ground fire leave compost vermicompost Aquarium stones you can able to see small small aquarium stones and little bark tree bark wood pieces little colorful stones and Little Braska one black color stone We generally used for clean over both Little sand and it’s some salt you can able to see the bright green color leaves for this bright green color lives We required little it’s some salt Many colors and shapes in this space what the view seeing below the flower for attract the insects and pollination Because the small flower not able to attract So many insects that’s why Nature gave like this for the beautiful. I Like mostly the red color one and white color versus what you seeing is very very thought red And next water it likes Rainwater you if you able to harvest rainwater They like lot because the pH and tedious everything it likes everything is important So rainwater always 3d is less. So it appreciate less tedious If possible harvest rainwater because you know the psychological Rainforest plants of that soil that’s the most important thing one senior two or three days Depend upon the temperature and time of this area it requires water I generally give every two or three days Most important thing is if you give more water the plant will die otherwise, it will survive so many years and it will do so many small small spreads of branches and when you 14 Remember maintain this ground below one what you see As like strawberry and other plants that ground, you must be in a place and It down slow peak. I give the water around them Otherwise, I spray the water Is my sprayer? One minute. I will show you how to spray Take like this player and message enough, okay Beneath the Deport you are saying this is one is a basket for planned for beneath this part always maintain one Trade which have lot of pebbles you can able to see Aquarium stones white stones little sandy stone Use this when little water then what will happen When you keeping this planted about that tray the pebble tray the water when Sun exposed the and evaporation happened it maintains the Environment as like a hot humid. So if you’re providing the hot humid climate you can mimic the Rainforest so this one method is very good method another method is you need to spray every day morning and take one cloth like the total leaves and this bright color Faith you need to clean Because it’s a glossy nature insects Sometime dust attach this one So you’re supposed to clean so propagation you can able to see the flower so we can able to propagate with the seeds and Vegetative cuttings the plant will divide from downside It’s very small plant when it grow little bigger so many to so many Sub branches we can able to divide this plant into sub branch So sunlight it likes a baby something like one or two hours in this place In my Travis garden, I get one or two hours sunlight every morning in the painters It can grow even in direct sunlight, so If you’re growing as a indoor plant provide near windows very is planned getting one or two hour sandwich next insect controls use neem oil drops and Little shampoo drops help the dissolve oil into the water then sprayers like a speedy water you can spray Generally not So many insect effect this plant but for the safer side Because this is the beautiful plant and no one like to die this plant So use once in your month, and if any insect affected that time also use this one So what you can able to see this one is the bamboo pot Okay, you can use a clay pot also Whatever you getting and the repot every two years try to take Denise clay plate little wider than the Plant for mod see this is the plant Pot moth, if you’re taking little wider, I was I took this one very smaller one if you take a little wider one It’s better for their humanity maintenance. So keep that one don’t make mistakes like me So keep on little key points are important like that If you are new to the gardener and you give the too much water the chances of root rot and leaves damage When I purchased this plant and no flowers because of my belt layer you can able to see two flowers So like that if you care then you will get very good bloom And the winter season is the good season for their book, but if you maintain and mimic the rain forest temperature it can blow over Complete here. So if any root rot happened use mild hydrogen peroxide to clean your root remove from the pod to clean your plant roots and again tree pot then the plant will survive very fastly and Sometimes you can able to see small brown spot Okay, that means that brown spot means that lead getting more direct sunlight So too many brown spot means you are Giving too much light to change or shift of place we have the plant getting sunlight and If the dry leaves and leaves falling down and keeps going little darker brown This one is light wrong If you go in the target wrong, that means you are giving excessive water and it leads to root damage so don’t use too much water and fertilizer most important thing is the dry cow dung and Bone meal all are very good for slow releasing Energy this plant required slow release energy so use Bone meal try cow dung between the usable energy. Oh so much should be in the two days I’m shaking and use if some salt once in a month one teaspoon of if some salt mix in one liter of water and It will give good fresh and spray. It is about the news. It will give the good fresh leaves and healthy lives and companions and companion plants are Mostly orchard African violet a gold me and a bonsai and you can able to see Cassandra The presenter also like same type of for small pebbles down and water for modification nature Okay, so or cheese I will show you my or check if it’s any at all Eh stays. It’s a sleeping no soon. It will give new leaves So you in India you can able to see a goal NEMA planted as companion plant and bonsai plant also yes, like Bones are you so many but it is a big big trees they converted into small spawns as like in India We will say people free that you can able to grow around them. Banyan tree all our bonsai one It looks very good. And Orchard also looks very good when my orchard blooming that time both the looks very very good and Co-signer also, both like is equal temperature That’s why equal humidity everything. That’s why they like lot and it likes more aeration aeration little space and surrounding little plants grow well See it’s a surrounding with so many plants Okay that helps It grow well because it feels it’s still in the forest in the forest Also same type of the climate it gets that’s way to feel I am in the forest so it bloom well So always give direct sunlight one or two Two hours, even it’s a indoor plant to give the better and big get room. Thank you friends if you like my video, please share and If you are a new subscriber, please Tab to the subscribe button. Thank you

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  1. My anthurium plant leaves are turning into yellow colour. I kept inside the house without any sun light. Watering at gap of 2 days. kindly suggest how to get ride of yellow leaves.

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