How to Grow Asparagus : Using Fertilizer for Growing Asparagus

Now that we’ve got our asparagus fern planted
and watered, you may consider after they germinate, you see some green growth coming which will
take as much as 10 weeks consider some fertilizer. It can be a foilier soil treatment or transplant
type fertilizer. This is an organic that I use. It is liquid and it is easily mixed with
the water that you water the plants with. All you are going to do between the time we
planted these and the time they actually come up is keep the soil moist. You don’t need
to keep them wet. But I wouldn’t worry about putting fertilizer on them until you actually
see some green growth because your fertilizer is really not going to do a whole lot good
until the plant is putting up green growth. It is making conceivably headway under the
ground but it is not going to make much use of fertilizer especially additional fertilizer
until the plants goes to putting up green leaves and performs a photosynthesis that
is when fertilization becomes more important.

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