How to Grow Bonsai Trees in Your Garden

Trees come in all shapes and sizes bonsai trees appeal to everybody is lebanon miniature but how to grow them and keep
them so small to replicate the bigger cousins. I asked bonsai expert Chris riding to explain the trade secrets ones I is not a particularly difficult
are not breaking down to its basic elements topiary and Portugal is nothing
more complicated than a plan to bring the roots on bonzai doesn’t keep the
smallest one of the very popular myths that everybody has about bonsai it’s
essentially a pot plant so when you when you grow up and eventually as it grows
it will get pop band and what its partner was not going so what you do
then is you report it into a larger popped and then he starts growing again want I don’t want to put in a large pot
you want to keep it in either the same pot and a slightly smaller pot and only
way to do that is to train routes from the roots think is the room to grow so
that allow them keep the top growth growing simply didn’t train routes that
we won’t stop going and eventually die as the public becomes full of rich so
trimming routes is a way of keeping the tree healthy and actually encouraging it
to grow we grow bonsai in a very open compost so that we can actually
fertilizer and water quite intensely because we want the trees to grow
rapidly in order for us to be able to bring them to the shape we want so it’s
not stunts and rightly very very healthy and they are very very well cancel very
well watered and fed on regular basis because they are essentially trees they
are subjected to all the same passion diseases as any other plant in the
garden so we have problems with a fence caterpillar’s because they’re in part you can get
problems with things like fine weevils and he’s now in the box but nothing
specific demands lol particular bonsai pests and diseases they are just
treating them you can practice bombs I was just about
any kind of tree what we normally do those will look four species of trees
that have naturally small leaves as opposed to things like so we tend to
find things with more leads thanks Tony astor’s small towns things like that the
process of bonsai tree will make the least slightly smaller but if you start
off with a smallish then stopped halfway done for you and they stay in proportion
to the rest of the plan if you start with a piece of garden centre material
and do a styling on it you can probably have something that’s a reasonable
quality on easily recognizable as a bonsai within a couple of years some of
the trades that I’ve got going on for a hundred years old in terms of species of
trees that you can grow bonsai this particular tree here is a 35 year old
English audrey bitoni ass trees which again with the small leaves but I’ve got
to tell you as a variety of styles cascade styles this is a small one this country is just
a a common private so I took a part of my own hedge so I believe the street and
getting on for about a hundred years old now it’s only been a bonsai for about 15
to 20 of those years though very small forest or small towns this trade is a
crabapple tree which ngos crabapple trees because one involves high to the
things that you can’t reduce in size you can’t be just the fruit and you can’t
reduce the size of the flowers so this was a proper at the tree would have full
size apples on it but being a crab apple you get proportionally sized fruit on
the tree but you also get lovely blossom in spring as well and English Hawthorn
tree again caller on these trees very small these naturally and you get
flowers and fruit as well just a bonus you get something for all seasons and
then I got a couple of Scots Pines this particular one was growing from seed
planted in 1969 not by me I’m afraid but I’ve been standing for about 10 years
now the easiest way to get into once I will be to find a local society get in
touch with line because there’s no substitute for
actually doing it you can read all about it actually doing it is the best teacher

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  1. putting your Bonsai tree in the ground will also make it grow quickly. I have a small Bonsai that I rescued and just planted in my garden (earth soil). I am going to watch it quickly and let it grow…

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