How to grow cactus and succulents – complete guide for beginners

Hello friends this is Ayan. and today”s tutorial is all about Complete guide of cactus and succulents in seven easy steps. So, lets start.. Hindi ( same as English ) First of all Break terracotta pot pieces into small pieces Or you can use small brick chips as well Hindi ( same as English ) By this way you will get a very good quality well draining soil Now wash well to remove all excess dust particles This step is very crucial to grow cactus and succulents or even make bonsai soil. Now take one part of brick chisp One part of perlite. One part of gravel And one part of vermicompost. Now you can use a little bit of fungicide. I am using contact Fungicide.. Add it iin a very small quantity. Mix it well to get your perfect Cactus and succulent potting mix. You can use little bit of compost or bone dust with it. To make pot for your cactus and succulents You have to find a good quality ceramic bowl. You have to drill a hole bellow that. Always add water before drilling. Don’t drill straight Start from a slanting position And then gradually straighten it up. Hindi ( Same as English ) Now use a window screen on the drainage hole otherwise all the soil will be washed out I am adding soil And one thing is to be remembered DO NOT WATER 3 DAYS BEFORE AND AFTER POTTING That will damage your plant Roots of cactus and succulents are very delicate So, handle with great care.. Hindi ( Same as English ).. Now you can add small amount of gravels over the top of your soil that will give you a very rough and tough look and it will help to keep the moisture in soil. Before talking about watering Lets first make the watering can. Fertilize your plants with 20-20-20 NPK fertilizer Once in 2 weeks Add 1/4 th tablespoon of NPK with 1 liter of water. And give it to all the cactus and succulents. Allow the soil to dry out completely between successive watering. Usually water once in 7 days. The most common disease you will find in cactus and succulents is fungal infection. To treat fungal infection use contact fungicide in very small quantity and add it in a spray bottle and spray it. If the case is severe spray 2-3 times per week Shake it well before spraying. For propagation take a small cuttings from your plants and let it dry for 15 days in shade then pot it in well draining soil and water it. Friends, can you see how much the plant is grown in just one month ? Succulents can be grown from leaves cutting as well. Just place a leaf on soil and do nothing. You will get new plants. Friends, if you have any question regarding this video then don’t hesitate to contact me. Just put it in the comment section bellow and I will be there to help you. If you liked the video then LIKE , COMMENT and SHARE and do SUBSCRIBE for regular update. I am Ayan from Bonsai Tricks and a Lot More. Good Bye..

78 thoughts on “How to grow cactus and succulents – complete guide for beginners

  1. Gravel .perlite..antracol ..i think it takes so much cost even succelents are above 200 rs..
    Bro plz show low budjet ideas

  2. My huernia got rotted only one part remaining i hv cut the black part & applied fungicide kept in shed will it survive ???

  3. Nice video, Ayan 👍 i recently collected a wild cactus, which roughly looks like the one at 7:39. Its doing well in soil + crushed bricks. will post a short video soon.

  4. Nice video. My experiment with cacti failed thrice. I over irrigated and did not use fungicide. Let me follow you this time and see. God bless you youngman.

  5. Hello, I'm growing eastern redbud from seeds, any advice to make them germinate? I am a 21 yearold nobe at growing things. Thank you.

  6. Pl post videos of Succullent names of the succulents you are growing and how you are growing them in separate video. I added coal pieces instead of fungicide, will it help? ?

  7. Your video on succulent was very informative. I am nurturing a succulent but not able to maintain it. Initially i had overwatered it, soil was not ok. Now for past 10 days i hav reduced the watering and also put it in another pot. It has somewhat recouped. Please guide further step so that it can again flourish – Regds

  8. I have just started with succulents.Have sedum,escheverias and a moonstone.Am not too sure about the sunlight requirement for these.can you help?do i keep them in a well lit but no direct sunlight window?or do they need some direct morning sunlight?Im based in kolkata.

  9. (1) What if I use plastic pots ? (2) Can 19:19:19 be used as fertiliser? (3) Can coarse sand be used in place of gravels ? (4) Whats the substitute of perlite?

  10. tomat haate jaado ache. its magic 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  11. Hello Ayon..I learnt a lot from your video. My two echeveria recently morey gelo after two months of surviving. Felt very sad.Ami Delhi tey thaki aar climate khoob extremely hot/ cold. Ami ki ekhaney succulent grow kortey parbow?? Please help.

  12. My Mini gardan is doing well by following your tips. And I have problems with maskitos (machar) around my plants will you please give same solution.

  13. Sir mujhe aapse Echeveria Black Prince ko Leaves se Propagate karne ke bare me kuch Questions poochne the :
    (1) Sir Echeveria Black Prince ke Leaves ko kitne Days ke liye Callous hone ke liye rakhna hai.
    (2) Callous hone ke bad Leaves ko kaunse Potting Mix me lagana hai taki Baby Pups ki Growth Fast ho.
    (3) Leaves ko Direct Sunlight me rakhna hai ya Indirect Sunlight me rakhna hai.
    (4) Watering kaise karna hai,Spray se ya Direct Watering.
    (5) Echeveria Black Prince ki Leaves se Baby Pups kitne Days me aa jate hai.
    Sir mere ye 5 Questions ka Answer Please reply kijiyega.

  14. You can grow cactus in anything with good drainage. Avoid sand. Sand keeps wet for too long in house conditions. I put my cactuses in coarse orchid mix and don't water them between October and May. I put them outside from May to November.

  15. I am planning to follow ur tips to pot cactus . My intention is to keep them indoor. Is it ok still I fertilize with npk and use fungicide ? . Does cactus grow well under led lamps when kept indoor ?

  16. Hello
    Can you please tell me in very hot months like may june how to keep succulents in green net or something else

  17. I night some the time i teacher home pravesh i made soil n placed all the leaves.unfortunately there is no i ll try again

  18. I hav this plant dunna its id.. suddenly its leaves falling off..wht went wrong dunno.. bought it last month..water only whn soil is cmplt dry..pls suggest what shld i do..

  19. Sir could you explain how to propagate the succulent at 6.36 minutes in the video?
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Hi.. I have one cactus plant which you have shown in the vedio the flowers one.. my cactus getting buds but they are not blooming just stuck in the thrones of the plant and turning Yellow… And they are not big enough like your flowers .. can you help me…

  21. hi…i am based in delhi. Last nov i bought quite a few succulents…echevera…semperviums.. burrito nd others. I hv quite a few cacti as well. The succulents did absolutely fine till May…i used well drained soil nd watered twice a week. Many of them flowered. But after May they started waning nd i couldnt save them.Is it bcoz of tremendous heat? The temps were around 48 deg c. Plz ans. The cacti r doing v well tho

  22. Sir some one ask me to not use npk in cactus . They told me that it grow ur cactus fast but it make it week not servive long time

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