How To Grow Citrus Trees in Pots or Garden – Gardening Tips

There are many varieties citrus plants Citrus trees are relatively easy to grow provided that you have a warm enough climate Even if your conditions are not ideal, there may still be a citrus tree for you Although Citrus is a subtropical trees, northern gardeners can grow citrus trees in containers to enjoy fresh citrus fruit Watch on about how to grow an assortment of citrus fruits Choose a location for your tree A warm, sunny, southern or western exposure is best Shelter is a big help, too, if cold is a concern Choose someplace with well-drained soil A nearby reflective wall, fence, or even patio can provide both shelter and a bit of extra warmth, too Choose a size of tree that is appropriate for your setting Try dwarf citrus trees if you are short on space You can even grow Kumquats, Calamondin, Kaffir lime, Bearss or Persian limes, Meyer lemon varieties Good soils improved with well-rotted cow manures, potash, blood and bone or a handful of garden lime each year will produce regular and reliable crops If the soil is not well-drained, plant the trees on a slight mound to prevent waterlogging Do not apply mulch Stay away from organic mulch, as it increases the likelihood of foot rot disease Do not mulch right up to the base of the trunk Leave a little margin so that the crown has breathing room and doesn’t stay wet when you water Water the tree at least weekly until it is established Water even mature citrus trees regularly Citrus trees have relatively shallow, broad root systems Once established, the trees may tolerate some drought, but they won’t produce fruit that’s as good Fertilize the tree with an appropriate fertilizer Fertilizers are available in citrus or citrus-and-avocado formulations Apply them according to package instructions, typically three to four times a year for slow-release types Prune citrus trees occasionally Remove any “suckers”, or shoots growing from the rootstock Citrus trees are grafted, meaning that a tree with desirable fruit is cut and attached to a sturdier rootstock Harvest fruit when it is fully ripe Oranges, lemons, and grapefruit should all be completely free of green coloring They will not ripen off the tree Limes are generally picked green, so go by size and season

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