How to grow Coleus Plant Care and How to Propagate from Cuttings | Coleus cuttings – English

Hello Friends!. Today�s we will learn about one of the most
beautiful colourful leaf plants � the Coleus plants, also known as landscape coleus or
Plectranthus scutellarioides. Then will show you how propagate coleus from
multiple cuttings. Stay tuned.. Coleus is
a beautiful ornamental plant comes in many species with varying colors of leaves with
multiple colors in a single leaf � that�s called brightly multi-colored foliage. Now few Quick tips on how to care for Coleus:
Its basically a shade plant, but the best leaf color is achieved with morning sun and
some degree of afternoon shade. Many varieties do well in both shade and partial
sunlight. Some can take quite a bit of sun as long as
they are not allowed to dry out. Avoid over-watering these plants, which can
cause leaf drop and encourage root fungus and death. To maintain plant form and encourage growth,
we usually prune it by pinching the tops to discourage flower formation and encourage
larger leaf development and growth. Coleus do well in pots and planters, as long
as they are planted in free-draining potting soil,
Avoid windy locations because coleus can be prone to breakage, as their stem is very tender
and soft. Now coming to the Propagation of Coleus plants
from cuttings. It�s again the one of the easiest plant
to multiply from cuttings. Its highly recommended for Novice gardeners
to start their hobby of growing from cuttings from coleus plants. Its really easy to root in 1 to 2 weeks. Take small cuttings and as usual, trip the
leaves towards the lower parts of the cuttings and leave the upper leaves as it is. If you have a rooting hormone, dip the base
into it and its completely optional. You should get good results without the use
of rooting hormone powder. I have discussed in detail about this chemical
as well as the organic rooting hormones in a separate video in my channel. Well, take the cuttings, take some pots with
a well draining soil. What I always use is 40 percent coco-peat,
40% garden soil and 10 % compost like vermicompost. This is universal for all plants. You can also grow in cocopeat alone and once
rooting starts you can shift to a potting mix. Will share you the results as usual at our
Instagram page. That�s all in this Video Friends! See you in next video. Till then, Take Care and Bye for now!

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