How to Grow Daylilies : How to Compost Daylilies

When you are ready to take that new clump
and put in the ground the first thing you want to do is make sure you dig your hole
and your soil is loose here. Now what I always recommend is bone meal, bone meal put into
the hole will help strengthen the tubers is what controls the plant and helps it grow
very healthy. Then if you have some compost there is always a lot of compost in this ground
already but it doesn’t hurt to add anymore and mix it up really well with this soil.
Mix it up so it seems all one type of soil and not another and then what you would do
is take your plant. Put in the ground. Now that right there that is not quiet enough
big hole so if it is not big enough then you take the plant out and then just take the
soil that you put in cause you don’t want to loose that it is good and just dig down
a little bit more. Now right here you see some little tuber in the ground cause I just
moved a lily I didn’t like the color of it here it was kind of a orange one, it didn’t
look very nice so I took it out. You want to get those extra pieces out of here, loosing
it up so it would find it easy to grow and we would try it again. Now it is deep enough
cause you don’t want to make them to deep. The thing with daylilies is you cant just
put them way down and bring the dirt up you only want to bring it as far as the top of
the root ball and you put them down, distribute the dirt, pack it down and then water it.
Give it a nice watering and you are all set to go. If you are really careful you wound
loose hardly any of these buds. It really doesn’t matter much about this one cause tomorrow
this one is going to be gone anyways. But the next day, the day after that you would
have a continuing flower here. So if you do decide to do t his in the middle of the season
it is not that bad. Sometimes it is good to wait to the end of August to the beginning
go September just to make sure you keep this nice healthy plant.

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