How To Grow Ferns – Ornamental Plants – Growing Ferns

beautiful plants with low maintenance
requirements and varieties to suit all gardens ferns are something you will
absolutely enjoy growing in the ornamental plant series today we will look at growing ferns
they come in a lot of different varieties and in your local
garden center you can see a lot of different varieties of ferns that you
can pick up for growing in your home garden and there are a lot of fern
varieties over hundreds of thousands of varieties that you will find however I
will go over two of the most common varieties and the most beautiful
varieties in my opinion in today’s episode
they are abundantly found in nature here you can see a couple of photos from the
Redwood National Park and let’s now jump into the first fern variety which is
asparagus fern this is a beautiful looking fern variety with beautiful
leaves as you can see here and they can be shaped to almost any size you want or
any shape you want just like all other ferns they love shade and they produce
these nice green leaves and the only maintenance they really require is
pruning and as I mentioned you can shape them into any form that you want and we
will talk in more detail when we look at our next fern variety which is the fox
tail fern which is another very popular fern variety that you can easily find
in almost any gardening store and since the leaves look like the tail of a fox
it gets its name the fox tail fern and as you can see here this is a beautiful
looking fern variety the one that you’re seeing right here has a little
bit of yellow leaves and ferns are shade-loving plants so even with the
slightest sunlight you will see that some of the leaves turn yellow and that
is why it’s recommended that you grow ferns in shade or partial shade at least
and let’s look at the watering requirements now most ferns like moist
and humid conditions so don’t let your fern plants dry out
make sure they’re on a good drip irrigation schedule and that way they
can produce the best leaves if you have weeds growing around your fern plant
make sure that you remove those weeds because they will compete for water and
nutrients and since you water your fern plants a lot you can see weeds like
clover growing around your plant like you see here so just make sure you
remove all the weeds around your plant and then your plant will stay healthy
ferns prefer soil that is loose and rich with organic matter they don’t really
need a lot of fertilizer but if you want healthy plants and you want nice green
leaves on your fern plant then you can use either of these two fertilizers you
need to use a high nitrogen fertilizer for good leaf growth so if you’re using
an organic fertilizer you can use blood meal which is high in nitrogen and if
you like to use salt based fertilizers you can use a high nitrogen fertilizer
like the one you see on your screen here or any all-purpose fertilizer so the
maintenance that you need to do for all fern plants is pruning the dead
leaves the fern leaves will dry and become yellow and brown so you need to
remove them to preserve good aesthetics for your plant and just by doing that
and by regular watering you can have beautiful fern plants that will adorn
your garden and as far as insects and diseases go the fern plants are
relatively maintenance free there are not a lot of insects that attack the
fern plant the only exception may be slugs and snails which try to make holes
and some of the phone leaves but unless you are growing the large fern leaves
like the Australian fern you won’t really see a slug problem in your fern
plants as well check out my video on controlling snails and slugs to control
them in your home garden now fern plants do require re potting when you’re growing
them in containers and they do get very root bound as you can see here the roots
are pretty interesting they have these rounded kind of tubules
on the end of their roots and they do get root bound very quickly so I
recommend that you re-pot your fern plant at least every two years for
optimal growth so there we have it folks let me know if you like this episode
it’s a break from growing all the edibles that I’ve been posting for the
last few years and if you like me to post more videos or ornamental plants
or flowering plants do put in your comments below and I would also like to
know if you grow ferns in your garden see you again soon happy gardening

38 thoughts on “How To Grow Ferns – Ornamental Plants – Growing Ferns

  1. I'm so glad I found your videos! Very inspiring! I've always had a terrible black thumb, but we have a great space and I'd like to give raised beds a try. When do you suggest getting it ready? We are in PA (obvi it's late June now)and I'd like to do some herbs, tomatoes, peas, strawberries, jalapeño, cabbage, spinach maybe some others….can we plant them all at the same time? Any tips appreciated, I saw your raised bed tutorial which we will use as our guide just don't know when to do it. Thank you!

  2. I just planted a few fox tails and autumn ferns. I live in zone 8 so I'm anxious to see how fast they grow and if they are low maintenance. they are very pretty ferns and definitely would be interested in viewing more about ferns. thank you for your video!

  3. welcome back ! We are moving to a new home with a nice size back yard in Fremont CA. We will need to start from scratch though and I have never gardened before

  4. I have lived in the Redwood forest area where your pictures most likely taken and in Oregon where rain mists have bountiful ferns! I haven't tried where I now live because I don't they would thrive in this heat here except one spot near my covered front porch that doesn't get sun but heat. Yours are beautiful 👍☝️👏🏡😍

  5. I have something called a "crispy wave" fern. It kind of looks like wavy ribbons. It seems very sensitive to tap water so there are "burnt" areas on the leaves. It's still extremely beautiful.

  6. perfect! i actually just transplanted a fern that i had found, and now I know what I need to do to make it grow nice and big!
    Do all Ferns spread out with different stalks over time?

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  8. Hi I grew fern, the long leaves kind and it slowly dried out 1 by 1. Is it because I'm not watering it often enough. I did keep it under direct sunlight in summer for awhile and when it dried out I kept it in shade but it still steadily dried out until the whole plant was dead.

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  13. Thanks! I just started getting into growing ferns indoors, so good info. Also would be interested in seeing videos on ornamental plants for sure. Thanks.

  14. Great video, as usual! The non edible plant tutorials are a good addition to the channel. An indoor plant video would be helpful as well! Thank you for the great content! One of my favorite channels!

  15. What type of plant is behind the fox tail fern the one you are taking the weeds out of? I have one that looks like it but can't identify it can you help ty like your videos 👍🏽

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  17. Hi, I really like your Youtube page for it's information. I have some 10 year old Dixie ferns (Dryotopteris australis) and the clump is quite large. It grows in a neglected area where no one can see them, in nasty clay soil. I want to move it to a place so I can enjoy it better, in shady, rich soil. How in the world can I safely divide this clump and move it?

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