How to Grow Grass : When to Fertilize New Grass

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment
we are going to talk about when to fertilize new grass. My theory on fertilizer is fertilizers
are just like vitamins for us. If we have a good diet we wouldn’t need the vitamins.
And the same way with your garden and your grass. If you have good lush compost or potting
soil underneath your grass, you really don’t need to fertilize it. So if you grow new grass,
the best time to grow it is in the spring and the fall. And it will grow lush and green,
give it lots of water. And if it looks lush and green why would you fertilize it at all.
And the only time I every add any fertilizer to my lawn is at the end of summer when everything
is starting to die back and turns a little bit yellow, I add lots of grass seed on top
of my lawn and maybe just a little bit of fertilizer. But not much. And I only do it
on the areas that are shaded or the areas that don’t get enough sun because they need
a little bit of extra attention. But saying that I’m trying to get to the point where
I don’t fertilize anything. Cause fertilizer is really bad for the environment, it goes
right into our water ways and creates algae and it’s killing our fish and our wildlife.
So if you have a choice never fertilize. If your grass is lush and green especially when
you just started it, you don’t need to fertilize it at all.

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