25 thoughts on “How to Grow Microgreens in Your Home & Make $100,000+ a Year

  1. I grow my micros in old flower pots, potting soil, seeds and a cheap water mister. I keep them by my kitchen window, rotate and mist them a 3 times a day. I harvest with scissors. SO yummy and healthy and easy. Thanks, John. (((ginny)))

  2. I have so much respect for you and your cause. I'm so glad you are committed to improving the world one video at a time. Leo on doing great things. Many blessings to you and your. May the most high always keep you safe and in great health

  3. I have postponed three growing seasons learning about growing mediums, volume of food production, limited space for growing food, vertical gardening methods and designs…the list I could tally would put you to sleep! If food production for my loved ones ever leads to mass production for a local food pantry to distribute to I will count myself a wealthy individual. Thank you. Many blessings. 🌻

  4. Very inspiring this video, I am working with a group for world peace and seeking to initiate a business model to improve with proven solutions to grow food better. This business model is very interesting as a starting point for what we prepared to do. Will be in touch…keep on the great work that you do to share solutions for a better world…Love what you do bro…

  5. Sorry mate, you are a bit difficult to understand for non-native speakers from the other side of the globe. Which micro-seed is the one you are eating at the beginning of the video taking 7 days to grow ? Thanks

  6. I love the idea starting our own business. This is truly showing how Great American can be. However, we all need to be very cautious as the democrats socialist idea's put all of this at risk. I have seen so many democrats policies in the state of Washington that have taken our rights away around having our own businesses like Larry's. Fight for this liberty.

  7. I feel like this guys brakes in people's houses and make documentaries on what they do for living. 😆😅😂🤣

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