How to Grow Mogra Jasmine Plant from Cutting and Genius Air-Layering | Quick and Important Steps

Propagating your own jasmine plant is the
best way to multiply your favourite plant you love. Jasmine propagation is possible by three different
ways: 1. Rooting jasmine cuttings
2. Planting jasmine seeds. 3. Air Layering method. All these methods create healthy young jasmine
plants that can later be transplanted into your garden. In this video I will show you how to grow
Mogra Jasmine plant from cuttings and rooting them and then A genius unique air-layering
method, different from one done routinely. Firstly, Growing Jasmine from Cuttings: The main steps involved are
� your cutter or pruner must be clean and sharp. – You cuttings should be 6 to 10 inches long,
like 4 inches should go into the soil. – Strip the leaves from the cutting before
rooting. – Dip the cutting into rooting powder (cheap
and organic rooting powder can be made using cinnamon bark powder � just dip the rooting
point into this powder or alternately purchase a rooting powder)
– Cuttings grow best in summer and humid atmosphere ( 60 to 80 degree C is ideal)
– You have to wait for atleast a month before considering a failure. – NOW, the most important step is the angle
and the exact place to make a cutting: Take the cutting from semi-hard part of the
plant for best results. The cutting angle should be kept at about
45 degree as seen here and cut just below the leaf node. Then just insert the cutting to a depth of
about 3 � 4 inches into the potting soil. I suggest a mix of plain soil (60%), coco-peat
or sand about 30% and compost like vermicompost or even powdered decomposed cow or horse dung
about 10%. Well! coming to the unique genius air-layering
method, watch this video clip ahead. See you in my next informational video. Till then � Take Care�

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