How to Grow Oak Trees From Acorns : Potting Soil Tips for Growing Oak Trees

I’m Travis Stegligh with Steglich Farm Supply
Incorporated and I am here on behalf of Expert Village. What we are doing is growing Oak
trees from seeds, from acorns. We’ve gathered the acorns, we did a float test on them and
we show the 3 different variety of Oaks that I had in my yard, the Burr Oak, the Live Oak
and the Spanish Oak. Now we are going to plant them. One of the things that you probably
want to worry about to start off with is what are you going to plant them in. Potting soils
come in several different varieties and that is what you are going to use. The premium
grade that I call is made of peat moss, organic matter and vermiculite. It is very light,
has good holding capacity and good absorption capacity. The other kind that is available
are some cheaper ones and I actually have soil in them. Some of them have a lot of sand
and they compact. Sometimes they don’t absorb moisture, sometimes they don’t hold moisture
as well as the pure organic, I mean the plant derived, the humus based types. Also the premium
just doesn’t have any soil in it is also lighter. Therefore when you are talking about house
plants, a house plant that is grown in a pot that is light is more likely to be taken care
of better. That is to say it’s more likely to be moved in it if there is frost, it is
more likely to be moved out to a better light area or moved around to better growing conditions
than the ones that weigh a ton because its got a soil based potting soil which makes
it weigh too much for the average person to move around.

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