How to Grow Organic Avocados

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener I grow
organically, for a healthy and safe food supply. For
a clean and sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding
experience. Avocados are delicious and nutritious subtropical or tropical
fruit but if you live in a warm weather or
mild winter climate you can grow your own avocados. Choose
the right location for your avocado tree you need full sun, south or southwesterly
exposure, little wind and well-drained soil, and
make sure you plant at least eight to ten feet away from any structure.
Prior to planting its recommend that you do a soil test
and if you only do one test make it a pH test because avocados don’t do well in any pH
that’s higher than seven. Check out our how-to video on How to Do
a Soil Test. You can lower the pH with a soil sulfur like this one from E.B. Stone and do it before you plant
the tree because lowering the pH is going to be difficult
after the tree is planted. Avocado trees grow to be 25 to 30 feet
tall if left unpruned. It’s relatively easy
for the home gardener to keep the tree smaller. A smaller trees
especially important if you may have to protect the tree from
frost occasionally throughout the year. For a complete guide to frost protection
check out our How to Protect Plants from Frost video. Avocados produce what we call perfect
flowers. They’re both male and female but on
different days and at different times. Avocados are divided into a and b-type
flowers. A-type flowers are female in the morning the first day and male in the afternoon
of the second day. B-type flowers are male in the morning of the first day and female in the
afternoon of the second day. Some self pollination occurs but you’ll get
the most fruit by planting one of each flower type. Today I’m gonna be
planting a Mexicola and a Zutano and they
need to be planted about 20 to 30 feet apart. Dig your hole the same depth as the root
ball and about the same width as the pot Avocados have a very sensitive root
system to avoid disturbing the roots carefully
cut away the container and then ease the plant into the hole do
not drop it in the hole back fill the hole carefully and water
your newly planted avocado. Small trees might need five to twenty
gallons a couple times a week and larger trees may be able to go
a week or longer between watering. Don’t allow them to stand in water
longer than a few hours. Allow the soil to dry a little bit
between waterings. To test the dryness of the soil just do
the squeeze test. Take a handful of soil and squeeze it, if
it stays together don’t water. Avocados are shallow rooted
so they really benefit from mulch, the best mulch is the trees own leaves
when they fall but until the tree gets big enough to do
that I’m gonna put a little bit of weed mat
around the base of the tree to act as a mulch. Grafted avocados like this tree will
fruit after two years. Avocados grown from seed take eight to
ten years to bear fruit. It’s important to protect the truck from sun burn. Sun burn will
damage the trunk and then will expose the tree to pests
and diseases. A white tree guard like this is perfect for
newly planted trees since it also protects from rodent damage,
alternatively you can paint the trunks with a 50/50 mix of white interior latex paint and water. To
maintain your tree size pitching back the growing tips is a
better way to maintain size than heavy pruning. Fertilization is key for avocado trees.
Fertilize monthly with a citrus, fruit tree, or avocado fertilizer like this one from E.B. Stone and
trees that are fertilized are much more cold hardy than they’re non-fertilized counterparts.
Avocados don’t ripen on the trees and it can be hard to know when to harvest you have to know the variety of avocado
tree that you have and know when it ripens. Pick a couple of the fruit and let them ripen at 70 to 65 degrees fahrenheit if they
soften in two weeks you’re fruit is ripe if the fruit doesn’t ripen pick
some more and try again. This Clip-N- Pic pole picker is a
great tool to harvest avocados that are on a big tree like this one. It has razor blades to cut the fruit
from the tree and a mesh bag to keep it from getting bruised. Avocados hold well on the tree so they
can be picked over a period of time So grow an avocado tree and grow organic
for life!

33 thoughts on “How to Grow Organic Avocados

  1. Growing from seed they will most likely get 30-66 feet tall and take 8-10 years to fruit. Grafted trees fruit after two years. There is a naturally dwarf variety called "Little Cado" and also called the "Wurtz Avocado" this cultivar grows to 10 ft. tall.

  2. Thanks for the video! This is perfect timing because I just purchased a 'brazos belle' variety. Does anyone know the flower type and/or a good pollinator for it? Thanks!

  3. Growing from seed they take 8-10 years to fruit. Grafted trees fruit after two years. Avocados raised from a pit are typically Mexican type avocados which are probably just fine if you live in an area without high salinity (like California).

  4. I haven't been able to find that info…. I know it's from Texas and is a Mexican type avocado. If you live the west avocados are more likely to do some self-pollinating and the tree will do more and more of that as it gets older.

  5. Julie, besides taking up to ten years to bear fruit, Avocados grown from seed do not come true, that is, the fruit of the child tree is rarely as good as the parent. To ensure you get big tasty fruit you should purchase a grafted tree, an additional benefit is that grafted trees start making fruit in only two or three years.

  6. Here i live in Central Valley California and the lowest in the winter could get 26 or warmer in the night so what is the best type of avocado will be the best for me

  7. Can I keep a pruned/pinched & potted tree in my heated greenhouse? Will it still bear a decent crop? Also, with the climate I'm in, I could leave it outside for 5-6 months a year.

    I rent a house, can I grow an avocado tree in a pot? I was thinking about using a large pot. And I'm planning on using an organic seed from an avocado fruit.

  9. @StardustAshley 
    Most avocados need two plants to cross-pollinate and to produce fruit except for the "Little Cado" which can self-pollinate.  This would be an ideal choice for a pot since it is also a small tree.

  10. Can an A type and a B type be planted together in one hole to kind of grow into one tree? I don't have enough room for 2 planted 30 feet apart.

  11. Hey, how big of a pot would "Little Cado" need? I'm going to buy from you and also graft a piece on my hass Avacado seedling

  12. Grow Organic, i love your videos because you are through. I would like your help. I rent, and I want to grow an indoor container dwarf avacado tree that for fruit. I heard of a jem avacado dwarf tree. What do u suggest and exactly how would i be able to accomplish this goal? Thank you for any help.

  13. A great way to grow avocados is by tossing the seed in a vermin compost box first then transplanting the sprout to a spacious land

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