How to Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors

All right! this is John Kohler from growing
your greens dot com ( today we have another exciting episode for
you and I know what you guys might be thinking, John why the heck are you waking out of a
doctor’s office man? on your gardening show, well hey! today is a special day for me, today
is the day actually i have a medical prescription right here, therapeutic cannabis recommendation,
here in California so now that i can legally use because I was prescribed by a medical
doctor cannabis i wanna go on the record that i believe all herbs whether is cannabis or
anything else are good things that can be grown and use in their whole natural state
unrefined so I’m not an advocate of any kind of refined drugs or anything like that
but cannabis has definite medicinal uses and you know I had some health challenges that
I shared with the doctor and he gave me a one year recommendation for the use of medicinal
cannabis so what this means is i can now go with my, basically recommendation or prescription
to a dispensary and buy cannabis for me to use but see, I’m not gonna do that you know
and I’m gonna say that again, I’m not gonna actually do that I’m not gonna go
to a dispensary and buy the cannabis, you know going to a dispensary and buying cannabis
at the dispensary is like you going to the grocery store and buying groceries right?
i try not to do that either right? i try to grow my own stuff so now with this recommendation
or prescription i can now grow some of my own crops if i choose to do that which probably
is gonna happen at some point or better yet than going to a dispensary is going directly
to the source directly to farmers to get you know, my medicine and what i’ve determined
is that the best place to get my medicine is actually at a local collective that actually
a number of people that have their recommendation or prescription join and they collectively
grow for you know all the people in this collective, so this is basically like going to a farmer
and getting a farm direct do like a C. S. A. for lack of a better kind of term, now
one of the big challenges with the medicinal cannabis is you know I definitely agree that
there are so many different ways you can use medicinal cannabis recommends are here lotions
and creams, tinctures edibles and vaporizers and there’s different ways to use it there’s
high THC varieties and high CBD varieties I’m more in favor of the CBD varieties,
that’s the kind that actually does not get you high and has a very therapeutic benefits
you know much like i talk about the power of growing your greens like the vegetables
in your garden you know all kinds of greens have different bio chemicals, bionutrients,
antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and all this kind of stuff, and so does the cannabis
leaves, so that’s what I’m gonna be focusing on for my treatment is a high CBD variety
of the cannabis leaves and I’ll be juicing this leaves, many people may also smoke them
for a different kind of medicine and that’s cool if you guys wanna do that i think cannabis
should be legalized everywhere across the whole entire nation but unfortunately it is
not at this time because of this there’s no national standards on how organic cannabis
could, much like if you got to the grocery store and buy conventional foods they’re
spraying the crap out of them, pesticides and all this stuff on the food and then you’re
eating that and ingesting it but at least when you ingest pesticide ridden foods our
bodies can detox some pesticides to some extent all tho I still don’t necessarily recommend
eating that kind of stuff, but the thing is that there are no federal standards on growing
organic or clean or bio clean green certified cannabis there you know some growers because
you know for many people you know growing is about the money not necessarily about the
medicine and how it can help people are using a lot of different nasty chemicals that are
spray on, that aren’t even approved for edible crops, just so they can protect their
harvest get their buds and sell the medicine to the dispensary that sells it to you so
the majority of the cannabis being sold as medicine is being you know sprayed with things
that i would never put in my body that are not even approved for food use, so yea this
is a big problem so serious that I’m gonna do now I’m gonna do two videos may be more,
on visiting the collective i joined because I’m now legally able to do this and showing
you their grow operation, share with you guys some of the best practices, that they’re
doing to grow some high quality shit, some high quality medicine to get that out to the
people that’s not contaminated with toxins and pesticides, so before we head off to the
medicinal cannabis collective that i joined, i do wanna share about the doctor that i went
to here, it’s actually called the compassionate health options, you can learn more about them
at green two fifteen dot com and is you go there they actually have a fifteen locations
throughout California so no matter where you live in California you can visit one of their
offices they have basically medical doctors on staff that you’re gonna talk to, share
with them your problems and then you’re gonna see if you’re a candidate for you
know getting medicinal card if you’re interested to stay legal on that and here’s the thing,
if you mention this little add say you know I saw that little add you know for a free
ID card, you get a free ID card that’s gonna definitely save you some money on that, also
be sure to mention my name to let them know that you know you saw John’s video and that’s
why you’re there getting a card so you can get legal and you know hopefully grow your
own, so anyways lets go ahead and go to the collective that i joined, to show you guys
some of the best practices on growing some of the best organic medicinal cannabis ever. So now we’re in the soil prep area and this
is an important area here because basically what happens is that they take in the soil
and all the different, many of the different inputs they use actually to feed their plants,
they have it here, they prepare it in this area, so the first thing I wanna show you
guys is the soil medium that they use to grow all the pants and i mean this is key having
a good base and a good foundation to grow your plants in, what they’re using here
is this stuff in the bag it’s actually called a coco forest soil medium from monster gardens,
this is what they’ve used for excellent results, but they don’t stop at using the
coco forest soil medium they make it even than how it comes right out of the bag and
they use many of these products and actually it’s no surprise that is many of these products
that i also use on my garden to grow larger plants and get more production and also help
your plants, more importantly for me more nutritious plants on my garden, so it’s
cool to see that at this collective they’re actually using the same products I use in
my very garden to get the high quality results because simply what i’ve been doing in my
garden works and evidently you know they’ve learned it can work here growing medicinals
as well, some of the products, specifically are the worm gold plus, this is my favorite
worm cast in the world i will not settle for any substitutes, this is the one that has
a document behind it that show that can increase your yields up to 400% i did actually interview
the literally the engineer, the mechanical engineer who formulated and came up with this
and how to make the worm castings the best of them all and you know i only wanna use
the best when I’m growing and evidently that’s what they wanna do here as well,
and in addition to that they’ve got the gaia green glacial rock dust over here and
the azomite over there and this are the rock dust the trace minerals that they add to the
soil the seventy minerals are contained within these and most growers may be concerned with
just adding like NPK the ten ten ten, fifteen fifteen fifteen whatever those three numbers
are those three minerals but in my opinion the plants need so many more than just the
three minerals that standard growers feed them and this is put into this system simply
by the rock dusts, now besides the rock dust they also wanna feed the plant as needed and
for that the use of a few things, number one the pure protein, is basically a fish hydrolosate
on of the best in the marked that I’ve found you know they are used in emergency situations,
when I need to get my plants that boost, you know when my plants have that transplant shot,
my peppers every year kinda have yellow leaves, I hit them with the pure protein and boom
their leaves green up and guess what if you’re growing indoors medicinal, outdoors vegetables,
the stuff is gonna work, it’s simply the best, so that’s right here, in addition
they add up things like living alaska humus right here, they also have some of the different
boogie blue products that I like they got the boogie brew compost tea, as a matter of
fact they’re so confident on the boogie brew compost tea here that in their vegetative
state when the plants are under veg only, they only feed the boogie brew compost tea,
they don’t feed them anything else, the plants love it and we’ll talk more about
that a little bit later, but yea so they use the boogie brew compost tea, and i like to
feed my plants in my garden the boogie brew compost tea once a week to just give them
the extra boost the boogie brew compost tea it’s not necessarily like a fertilizer that
gives them all the nutrition but what it does it adds in the biological with some white
nutrients in there to help ramp up all the things that they’ve added to their soil
mixture to get that, get those systems ramp up because part of the system here its not
just about dumping nutrients in their plants, it’s about creating and ecology, creating
a living soil because those microbes in the soil that basically break down nutrition in
the soil and feed it up into the plant so they can really wanna encourage that biology
and it’s these products that do just that. So next what they have is a boogie humus right
over there, and the boogie humus what that is, is a fungal dominated compound so if you
check my past videos, you know I’ve video how to supersize your plant growth with wood
chips and rock dust, you know I’ve already done a video I visited my buddy’s place
up in new portland Oregon where they are growing this huge cali leaves man, well they weren’t
growing any medicinals like they are here but if you have gigant cali leaves it means
that all plants respond to certain nutrients and the stuff in the boogie humiss will probably
make your plants grow bigger and that’s probably why they are using it here more importantly
it introduces some live cultures some of the fungal cultures into their growing medium
because you not only need the bacteria in your soils that are alive, you also need the
fungus and that’s definitively adding some of the fungal material in the boogie humus,
next we have the insect frass so earthworm casting right here is basically what comes
out of the backs do earthworms have buts? it’s what comes out of the earthworm buts
it’s their pop and what the insect frass is basically the pop of certain insects that
not only at nutrients so it’s two two two it also more importantly add once again like
the worm cast the biologics some of the beneficial microbes that are in the soil to keep this
system working properly finally we have the boogie brix and that’s definitely gonna
add some sweetness if you know what I mean and then we got full humus or a humic acid
concentrate and more importantly in this area they also keep the diatomaceous earth and
this little guy here which is also called a duster so the duster, so the diatomaceous
earth is one of the practices they use for insect control, organically without spraying
any toxic chemicals and i will interview the grower here about this in another episode
where we’ll cover specifically how to deal with pest organically you know wherever you’re
growing in an indoor situation like this or even outdoor because the same tips and techniques
will apply, so yea in this area they mix up the soils with a lot of this different items,
they also make their compost tea that they will apply to the plants and basically general
prep area now the next thing i’m going to have to do is I’m gonna have to actually
get suited up and we’re gonna have to show you guys their growing area and what’s growing
back there and how it happens. alright, so now we’re ready to go into the
grow area but before I take you behind the curtains there i actually have to get suited
up and this is because a very important reason you know they don’t want people in their
street clothes the have special clothes that they use that are designated only for the
grow rooms, this is to prevent contamination and besides having clean clothes they get
suited up every single time they go in the back to prevent you know unwanted bacteria
and fungi and more importantly the pests from getting back in there and affecting your plants,
I’m gonna go ahead and suit up on this suit right now. Oh right so i feel like a space
cadet now suiting up going into space may be I’m gonna paint some houses or something,
oh right I’m all ready to go back and check out this grow room. alright, so now we’re ready to go behind
the iron curtain well technically this is not an iron curtain it’s a fabric cloth
and you know they have many different procedures they have implemented here it all like really
scientific for lack of a better word and this is not like an airlock like when you go to
a grocery store especially if you live back east you have to go thru one door and then
you get a blast of air and then you go to the next door this is not like that, this
is a light lock because you know light coming in the room the different times it can mess
up your cycles so you want to prevent this, in addition this also acts as a physical barrier
to prevent pests and even in addition to just the physical barrier, they also spray this
with a rosemary oils that may you know distract pests from coming in, and they also treat
this whole area with diatomaceous earth because prevention is you know even better than the
cure in my opinion, so lets go ahead and come in. And before you go in you gotta yell hey! coming
in to let people know that you know there’s no light infiltration, it not a good thing,
alright coming in! now we got the single lock now i got the double and here we are in the
hallway. And in this area this is where they basically
put together all their nutrients they mix in the nutrients in this very barrels here
they’re using this hose they call this little watering stick thing sort they actually water
each individual plants with them and we’ll show you actually the technique they use which
is really cool I wish i would do that in my garden i just don’t have the time and then
in this area this is our R&D area where they’re doing some alpha testing for some companies
out there this companies have organic products that they want them to use at north coast
naturals to see how they work compared with what they’re currently doing, this is one
of the things I admire about north coast naturals you know they’re not only finding out what
works now, but they’re trying to raise the bar because what if they can increase their
yields? what if they can increase the quality which is what they’re focused on, they’re
all for it and this products have been tested outdoors, but know they’re gonna test it
indoors here, this is actually the boogie soil and this is especially infused soil,
basically infused with the compost teas, never available before so this is indoor testing
alpha stage so definitively cool. So besides just this soil that they’re gonna be alpha
testing what they’re also using is from oregon’s only based outside eugene oregon
they got some of the nectar products but this are just not the standard nectar products
which actually their using, I’ll show you guys in a second, this is special stuff man
no one else have small bottle and big bottle and that’s all I know. Alright, so you guys must be wondering why
I look like I’m all green right now all Martian is because we’re really in outer
space, no just kidding, it’s because what they do is they’ve got this little green
lights here, and this green lights, basically the green lights are invisible to plants,
so plants do not know that this light are on, so it’s like you know X-ray vision or
night vision on your camera, this camera is not like in infrared vision or something like
that or night vision, it’s simply this lights that can’t be seen from the plants and this
is very important because any additional lighting that’s from the wrong spectrum at the wrong
time could mess up your whole plant cycle and it could jeopardize their yield. Alright, so besides those alpha testing this
is some of the regular protocol that they use, right here is where they actually mix
some of the compost tea so they’ve got the boogie blue water filter this is very important
when making compost tea is to use a filter that takes out that chlorine because the chlorine
will mess up the microbes, kill the microbes, you can see they have their air stones here
to bubble their compost tea I’m looking now at actually one of the rooms where they
only feed only the compost tea in a vegetable state, I will show you guys in a minute and
besides that they have the stuff to mix it up and over here they got some of the different
ratios and formulas they’re using, but this is their master selection of all the different
feeds and the different products that they’re using, I’m gonna go over there for you guys
and reveal what they’re using here for you guys, they have all different kinds they have
things that control the pests which we’ll also talk a little bit latter, and also with
master grower here such as the big time exterminator, now this bottle looks pretty crazy like some
kind of nasty chemical pesticide but this is actually and enzyme based product, they’ve
got stuff like the super clean neem this is actually the very neem oil that I use in my
outdoor grow and the got things like the thrive alive vitamin b-1 they got some rosemary oil
they got the Dr bronner’s sal suds they’ve got some stuff called the sea green they’ve
got some azamax they’ve got all this other products they’ve got the rid bugs the great
white, this is know as the microbe lift bmc some mosquito control they’ve got the root
pack, pure protein and of course the microbes the fresh Mycorrhizae I like that so much,
over here they have some different thing including the boogie brix, the liquid karma, some alcohol
to sterilize the stuff and they’ve got some of the nectar products here if you look over,
I mean this is what they’re using I mean they’re mainly using this nectar products
aside from the boogie blues, main source they’ve got all these different ones they’ve got
i don’t know demeters destiny liquid calcium and they’ve got like every kind of these
products, athena’s aminas, they’ve got this one the hercules can harvest liquid bone
meal gm the gaia mania supplement I mean i could go over this all day, they have the
full selection of the nectar of the gods this stuff they really like, we’re gonna have
to ask the master grower about this nectar products and why they’re using them. So you may wonder you know they’ve got all
these different nutrients and all these different natural pests controls how do they remember
what formula and how much of each thing to add well they solved that issue with one of
the procedures they’ve got in place here and i really wanna encourage you guys in your
garden to basically make procedures whether it’s in your head like I do or to write
them down, and you know keep track of what you’re doing so you know exactly how much
of what to add in there, so in here they have some of the different folder application rates
including the different products and what they’re not compatible with, here they have
some of their top secret folder recipes, here they have how to brew up some of the compost
tea and what things they add to the compost tea to make it even better, here they have
a calendar you know? i mean this is how the level that they take their grow operation
i mean they take it really seriously they gotta do things like clean the air conditioning
vents and filters and spray rosemary, this has to do with just infrastructure like the
building and thing they need to do to maintain the building because if you’re not maintaining
the building that may cause some challenges with your grow and they don’t wanna have
any risks that’s gonna mess up their grow, so over here we have calendars and a clipboard
and this is an area where I want you guys to be aware about I mean they’re keeping
track of a lot of data you know? this is very methodical, the master grower here is called
MIT and he’s called MIT for a reason, because literally he’s taken this and made it into
a science, he’s going in here and he’s recording each and every thing they’re doing
so they have a record you know? so we did this at this day and this day something is
not right or this day we got a lot of growth and maybe that’s because they fertilized
the roots or put the tea in there, may be they have some challenges with some bugs and
they spray that day so they make a record that may be they didn’t have any problems
with bugs but they just did a preventive maintenance application of some of the natural pests controls
to ensure they don’t get pests, in addition another thing they do is they take the high
and the low temperature in addition they take the high and low humidity, i mean they take
a lot of data, on of the thing that’s really cool to me I mean as a business management
major in college I’ve learned some of these different practices I mean they basically
have all these different number on this chart and they may look like just numbers to you
but this is very important data I mean the first number they put on here how the person
that’s gonna be inspecting the room is feeling that day, they wanna have good vibes, good
vibes in their person and bring this vibes into the plants because in my opinion your
plants know how you’re feeling, if you’re feeling shitty you know? and you’re all
rocks this and stuff that energy is gonna transfer to your plant and they’re trying
to grow the highest quality medicinals to have you know? really good energy in the plant
and so if their energy level is that at a high level, if they’re feeling sad, not
feeling good, I don’t wanna be here man, they won’t go in and check their plants
because they don’t wanna put that energy into their plants, so they put first how’re
they feeling on a 0 – 10 this is an 8 then they put the high and low temperature, the
humidity, the ppm and then also they take a look at the plants and subjectively say,
ok what do the plants look like on a scale of 0 to 10 right? they wanna know and if the
plants are not looking they write it down, they’re keeping notes, hopefully a lot of
the times the plant is gonna be a 10 because there is a problem, then they’re gonna address
it immediately and be able to review all this to find out what exactly is going on. I think
the next thing i wanna do is I wanna take you into one of the modules where they’re
growing, so i will check it out. So now we’re on the veg module and I’m
sitting under one of these lights so I wanna move pretty soon because I’ll probably get
a sun burn or something but they’re using this light actually to grow all this plants
I mean between all this plants and there’s only 28 plants in here that’s not a lot
of plants for the guys that know about growing and you know? they’re not focused on numbers
alone, they’re focused on the quality and there’s a few reasons why they’re going
fewer plants, the first reason is really important and I want to encourage all you gardeners
out there to do this with your plants to have an intimate relationship with each of your
plants because if they had a hundred plants they couldn’t dedicate and devote enough
time to each plant than if they had only 28 I mean that’s literally a quarter of the
plants and they’re doing this in 20 gallon geopots many growers may have a lot of plants
in smaller sized pots and they could use the same space, but they’re going to really
nurture the plant and the most and highest production but not only highest yield and
production also really high quality and they can do this by focusing more time on each
plant because they have literally less of them, now the other reason that’s very important
that they’re doing is to be compliant with the laws right? a certain law state you can
only have x amount of plants you know? for this situation and they wanna stay under that,
under the legal limits to keep this you know? totally on the level and by having less plants
but growing quality plants they can still get a decent yield out of this to make it
all work, so now you guys can see we have all these different plants in here and one
of the things that’s amazing to me is that they’re not feeding any nutrients to this
plants at this point, they’re literally only building the biology of the soil only
by feeding this the boogie brew compost tea they’re feeding on a regular basis to build
the biology so when they take these plants out of the veg into the flowering module,
all the biology is gonna be ready in the plant and ready to access some of the nutrients
to really blast man to outer space, so then these plants can grow really well and produce
more, now another thing they’re doing because they’re focusing on growing you know? fewer
plants what they really need to do is they need to maximize their production out of each
and every plant in here and how they’re doing that is they’re not necessarily growing
the plants up erect, what they’re doing is they’re taking the plant and they have
this special little, I don’t know if you guys can see these here, this wires and what
not and they’re taking the plant out of normally growing up right and they’re bending
it over you know?, normally the plant grows on the top row and that’s where all the
magic happens you know? where the bud size are, but what they wanna do is they don’t
want the pant to focus on that, they want the plant to make new upshoot and up rows
where there will be more budding sizes, so they’re literally taking this plant to go
up and bending it over so now all the plants that would have normally been on the sides
are now growing erect so they have a lot more of cannabis service area when they get into
the next step of development, that actually we’re gonna take a look at next. So now I’m gonna go to show you guys module
b and this is where they have their plants in the flowering stage, now they already harvest
about half of this room today which I’ll to show you guys how are they drying here
at north coast naturals and what’s in there left is about half the pants they harvested
the 8th week plants, they have the 9th and 10th week plants in there so I guess without
further lets go over there and show you guys how they have this room set up, that’s very
important on their success. You’re gonna notice that they have all this
lights, this are HPS lights, high pressure sodium lights and they use both digital and
magnetic ballast, the magnetic ballast may be putting lines in this video so if you see
that, that’s what’s occurring, now besides just the lighting one of the cool things is
you know? they thought about all these different systems and they’ve systematize how they’re
growing here, this is a professional place and what they’ve got here is they’ve got
this all rack setup they have 2 by 4s with this wire heavy gate wire mesh that they basically
hang all their lighting you know? the vents and tubing, in addition of course they have
the CO2 generator, being there and coming back down here I mean this is how they’re
growing their plants here. So now what we’re looking at is the way
their growing each of their plants this is a really cool and unique way that I’ve never
seen use before, it’s kinda cool for this specific situation, what they’ve got here
is they’ve got 3 quarter inch pvc pipes and they have the plants basically up in this
little shelf that’s about 12 inches off the ground, they’ve got some hard work cloth
you know? heavy gate wire so it’s more durable they had screwed in, and this basically raises
up the plants so that the plants can get better aeration and the roof opening and the 20 gallon
geopots their in also allows all any excess over water to go down to the bottom, before
they water them what they do, they do what’s called a thirst assessment and i think you
guys should do this in your garden, they have this little sip ties they have them wrap up
and what they do is they come here and they lift up the plant and they see because they
do this every to each and every plant, they know how heavy it should be when it’s watered
and how heavy it is when it’s drinking up the water I mean I know if I go to my plants
in my greenhouse if they need water because I can lift up the pots and see the soils,
like it looks dry it’s light well then that need some water so then you can judge to give
each plant the proper amount of water without using a moisture meter, that’s really cool,
I mean they really take the time to nurture each and every plant in may be even name each
one of them, this one is called sally, so besides that what they’re doing here is
they’re really focusing on cannabis management, the cannabis when you go to a forest you have
the big trees with the leaves and that’s what they focus on here, they wanna make the
most amount of cannabis, now as you guys can see this cannabis pretty much filled this
I don’t know this 4 by 4 foot frame and it just loaded with all kinds of leaves and
also the buds, let me go ahead and show you guys how full and rich this guy looks. So now what I wanted to do is I wanna show
you guys this angle of one of the plants they’re growing here, I mean this thing is magnificent
it’s a nice big spreader but I want to show you guys from down below the cannabis because
this shows you like from this angle you guys can see the massive cannabis and just all
the different, you know? flowering sites and some of the leaves that are growing, and one
of the things you have to here is called cannabis management, what this does is this literally
will ensure that they have the highest level of medicinals in this plant that they could
get because they’re focused on the top 18 inches maximum 2 feet tops because the light
in not gonna penetrate down for anything down below this is energy that the plant is needlessly
putting into this little flowering sites that are not gonna produce so I’m actually doing
it a favor by taking off their buds, and eat them, wow that tastes amazing I’ve never
before ever in my life tasted those little buds grown on clean green certified crops
here ohh man it reminds me of eating like hemp seed I can taste like the I can feel
like the fatty acid content that you know? marijuana and hemp seed they’re related
but the hemp seed you can get at your health foods store, very essential for you guys whether
you’re a girl or not because of the essential fatty acid but of course if you’re a girl
you may just come here and harvest your flowers and eat them and don’t worry this will not
get me high, but yea I think I’m gonna trim off a few more of these, they’re quite tasty
and good. So now I wanna show you guys how they do it,
drying here at north coast naturals, as you guys can see this is the little drying room
and it’s very important you now they’re taking their drying seriously I mean curing
the buds it’s very important to have the highest quality medicine, on thing they have
here is they have a dehumidifier in the room some fans to push some air and they’re taking
constant reading on the temperature and humidity to make sure it stays in the proper range
to get the highest quality medicine and let me show you guys this is very cool what they’re
doing, this is very illustrating, some of the quality and air that they take, what they’ve
done is you guys saw in the grow room, this was part of the frame that was basically on
the top, they literally chop the part off like they chop a tree down and they can take
this old frame and they invert it so they very minimally do any damage to the plant
number 1 number 2 they’re letting this hang dry with natural air circulation and letting
all the nutrients on the stem go down with gravity into the flower so they can potentially
have the best medicine, now another reason for doing this is check this out the beautiful,
this is music to my nose because that’s awesome but as you guys can see I mean they’ve
got all this hanging down and this is more than the couple of reason that I stated, they
have more a couple more very important reason for doing this in this way, number 1 I mean
this is how the plant was and there’s a lot of air space in between them so this get
better air circulation so to minimize the mold, one of the challenges growers may have
they make a lot of mold and nobody wants to buy moldy weed, moldy marihuana. So they can
ensure that they have minimal mold growth by drying with this method because they have
so good air circulation, thing aren’t pack in so close to each other plus the other reason
that’s very important for doing it in this way is because as I walk around I can literally
see all the buds and this is just so amazing to be up in here let me go ahead and give
you guys a close up of what some of this looks like. Man check that out looks super amazing just
drying and just like that and the other reason is you can see I mean as you that camera pan
you can see you can easily inspect all the different buds to ensure that you’re getting
consistent even dry with no problems coming out and if you see any you can address them
immediately. so now I’m going to try some of this north
coast medicine here drying this in the stage before it’s dry normally you guys will get
it dry, but I think it should also be fresh I mean one of the things they’re doing here
is they’re doing a slow dry process this is very important to get the highest quality
medicine you know? I mean I know when you’re growing bananas for example, most bananas
that you buy in the grocery store they gas them basically to make them ripe faster and
when you do that you don’t get the complex flavors you don’t get the sugars in the
bananas and i bet you is likewise with the medicinal herb here you want to try a slow
fashion so you get the most amount of nutrients because after all that’s why we’re taking
it and so we have a bud here and for all you guys out there this bud’s for you… wow
man it blows me away, it’s so much stronger than those little baby buds that I had in
the grow room, in the flower room, oh my god this is full size, still very mild flavor
but still I taste I get like the essential oils are like coating my tongue with the essentials
fatty acids that are so good I can only imagine all the other medicines that are in there
that are good for me to eat, once again i wanna let you guys know if you guys are eating
raw buds or the leaves it’s not gonna get you high and actually there’s research that
show that actually juicing the leaves specifically can be very health promoting and there’s
a lot of different compounds in the leafy greens of the marihuana so sad that i believe
you know? many of these growers they throw out, get rid of the leaves when the leaves
should also been sold as fresh greens but it’s very important to get them as fresh
as possible for the most amount of nutrition I’m really into growing and eating greens
and the leafy greens of the marihuana is one of the things I wanna start putting in my
diet and now that I have a card i can definitely do that so now that you’ve seen this whole
operation I’m gonna show you one of the people behind it, the master grower, we’re
gonna call him MIT we’re gonna go in and ask him some questions about north coast naturals
why he started it and why he’s choosing to grow all organically. So now we’re with MIT the master grower
here… to be continued.

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