How to Grow Organic Eggplant

Hi, I’m Tricia an organic gardener I grow
organically for healthy and safe food supply, for a
clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding
experience. Eggplants are healthy and versatile
vegetable they hail from Asia and they’re relatives
of potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. There are two main
categories of eggplant, the larger fruited types which are most often found in the
produce section of your grocery store originated in India. The varieties that
produce small elongated Fruit were developed in China. Eggplants are the most frost tender members of the tomato family and they require along warm season to be
productive. Like tomatoes and peppers eggplants are
best started from transplants. Start your seed six to eight weeks
before the last frost and set them out after the soil
temperature has reached at least sixty degrees. Check out our video on seedling care for more details. Extended cold period will affect your eggplants negatively and frost will kill
them. If you really need to start your eggplants early I suggest putting a plastic mulch over
to warm the soil. Work in organic vegetable fertilizer
into the soil before you plant your starts, eggplants
are heavy feeders and they like rich fertile soil that’s slightly acidic. Side
dress the eggplants with more fertilizer twice during the
season once when the fruit is about the size of a quarter and once again two to three weeks later.
Use a fertilizer with lower nitrogen excess nitrogen can cause lots of
foliage and little to no fruit. I found this Down to
Earth Rose and Flower mix has a great analysis.
Provide even moisture for your eggplants. An organic mulch is helpful but because
of its soil cooling effects, only add it after the soil is nice and
warm. The two main pests that may bother your eggplants are cut worms and flea beetles. For cut worms you can have these little cut worm
shields to the stems of the young plants. Flea beetles emerge early and can be
kept at bay by like covering of Agribon. When the
plants are older they can tolerate flea beetle damage. Take the cover off when the plants
flowers so pollinators can get to the plants. Flea beetle damage looks like shot holes
in the leaves if you want to monitor early for flea
beetles you can hang out the sticky traps with the lures specifically for flea beetles. If you’re
catching a lot a flea beetles and the damage is severe you can apply
an organic insecticide labeled for flea beetles to help control
however be careful because they can’t harm beneficial insects, so spray it when they’re not around like
early in the morning or late in the evening after dusk. Major
disease problem with eggplant is Vercillium wilt. To avoid this use good crop rotation
practices and don’t plant where tomato family
members strawberries or raspberries have been in the last four years. time to harvest and planting harvest
time doesn’t depend on size to tell if a neck pain is ripe gently
press the fruit with your thumb. If the flash doesn’t give it’s immature.
If the flesh gives and bounces back it’s perfect if it
doesn’t bounce back the fruit is over ripe.
The stems are thick so use a sharp knife or snips or pruners don’t just pull them off. At the end of
the season about two to four weeks before the first frost pinch of any flowers that are left on
the plant this to make sure that the plant put its energy into ripening the fruit that’s left on
the plant instead of making new fruit. Grow some organic eggplant and
organic for life! thank you for watching the Subscribe to
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13 thoughts on “How to Grow Organic Eggplant

  1. These r the simplest vegetable plants to grow as it requires very less care. the ones i am growing has thorns on the crown of the fruit.

  2. hi there. my eggplant seedlings are not growing fast it has been a month and i just found only a pair pf true leaves. is that a common phenomenon ?

  3. Organic is way to go. Thanks for complete video on growing organic egg plant.

    Just posted a video on various stages of EGG plant from flower to fruit. Like to have your feedback on it.

  4. If you could incorporate some advice on pollination, that would be great as bees are so scarce nowadays and a lot of flowers just fall off without fruiting. Your garden is so lovely by the way.

  5. eggplants are ACTUALLY derived from the sodom apple, which is from south of the sahel in Africa. further domestication happened everywhere and is NOT isolated to asia in any way shape or form. 5 minutes of research and the DETAILS are the difference between experts and amateurs.

  6. My biggest pest with eggplants are spiders mites. They always destroy my eggplants every year. Ive tried soap spray and hydrogen peroxide, but I heard they become immune to those. Do yo have any tips on how to stop/control them?

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