How to Grow Peas from Seed – Organic Vegetable Gardening

Hi there,welcome back to HuwsNursery and we are here in the vegetable garden and it is about mid-March so it is time to plat some pea seeds. So today I’m going to show you a really simple method to grow peas from seed, and this is basically using a rain-gutter here, this is just and old rain gutter so you can find hem in scrap yards or anywhere really. And all you need it some compost and some soil. Firstly you want to fill abut an inch of compost and that is going to act as a base layer where all the nutrients are, then secondly every inch along we are going to plant 3 seeds along it, and then cover it with a couple of inches of just normal soil. So lets start by filling up this rain-gutter Here I am just filling up the rain-gutter with some homemade compost and what we will be doing is using 2 gutters as we do like quite a lot of peas, but if you have quite a small garden you can really have as much or as little peas as you want. And just cut the rain-gutter to size. Really easy! I’m just continuing to fill it up with compost about an inch deep. Okay so the peas I’m using here are ‘Meteor’ and they are ealy-drawf peas because you can get different height so the normal traditional peas grow to about 6 feet tall but these dwarf peas are good for small space gardens and only grow about 2 feet tall. So just what I’m going to do is place 3 seeds in a row, and then leave like an inch, maybe just over an inch and plant another 3. and the continue to do that which may take a coupe of minutes but just do it for the desired length of the rain-gutter you would like. Now you must be wondering why should you just put it in the gutter? Why can’t you just put it int the ground? Well, theoretically you can put it straight into the ground, but the good thing about using a rain-gutter first is that there is actcually two good things about it. Firstly it stops mice from eating the seeds. And we have had big problem with mice eating broad-bean seeds and pea-seeds and you can actually see the tunnerls underneath where they go along eating the seeds. So it is a good way to stop mice and also the other way is that it is really easy when you dig a little trench, you can just slide all of the plants off and it is just so easy and I’ll show you that in another video were I’ll be planting these out. And you will see for yourself how simple the methods are! And so finally just get some general soil and fill up the seeds to the top. And then after you have done all this you then want to place it somewhere high where any mice can’t reach it and in a few days in about a week or so, you’ll start to see some sprouts appear in abut 2 weeks and then wait for them to grow about an inch to2 inches tall and I’ll be showing you in another video how to plant them out. And it is really fun! Just watching them all slide off. So I hope you enjoyed this video thank you very much for watching! See you soon :

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