How To Grow Potatoes : How to Fertilize Potatoes

Hi! I’m Doug Smiddy with Smiddy’s Gardening
Services on behalf of Today we are going to talk about how to plant, grow
and harvest potatoes. Fertilizing potatoes is important and you need to understand because
it is a below ground crop, it is going to need a fertilizer that is lower in nitrogen.
Nitrogen is what promotes leaves, top growth so if you have too much nitrogen in your fertilizer
or in the soil, what is going to happen is you are going to have beautiful green lush
looking tops and no potatoes. So what you want to use is a fertilizer that is going
to be something like a 5/10/10 or 8/16/16. I also like to mix in a product called sulpomag
which is sulphur , potassium and magnesium. You can find it at any garden center and what
I do is mix about a 50/50 blend of my fertilizer and my sulpomag and shake it up in the bag
really well and once my potatoes are in, I just take a couple of handfuls and do kind
of a band dressing like right over the top like that and follow your directions on your
bag. You do not want to over fertilize. It is better to under fertilize twice than to
over fertilize once. You don’t want to burn your roots. So that will give me a good general
application. I take my hand held cultivator and lightly scratch it into the soil so when
I water it, those particles break down and they become part of the soil and start feeding
your potatoes and get the roots going and you watch them come up. About 4 weeks after
that, you give them another dose of fertilizer and you just watch those things grow. You
are going to be so happy.

27 thoughts on “How To Grow Potatoes : How to Fertilize Potatoes

  1. yes they will. try covering them with layers of straw and manure… and do stuff like throw your coffee grounds on them.

  2. Use guano or some other organic fertilizer, not store bought chemicals, unless you're selling the food and don't care.

  3. some people dont freik out about everything being organic and as you can see his nonorganic is working just fine

  4. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS he is an idiot. potatoes do not like manure, compost is great, Chickidy Doo-Doo is what we also use, and most organic fertilizer that is phosphorous rich. Don't forget about your trace minerals either! The chemicals might say 15-20-10 and an organic fertilizer might say 10-12-8 but for long term results go organic.

  5. That´s bullshit, there has recently been published the results from a major british study that has been ongoing for over 30 years. The conclusion is that there can not be found any health benfits in organic farming vs conventional farming.

  6. No ! it was a very large study, concentrating on medical records of people, there could not be found any difference in the frequency of any diseases or general health, between people buying organic products, and people buying conventional products.
    I read a article in a paper, but shall see if i can find a link on the net.

  7. although i viewed this video late, after i have lush green tops on my potato plants, I wonder if i can use the 50/50 blend Doug talks about here to boost root growth by applying a "surface" dressing? anyone know?

  8. This guy has great vids, but this is one to ignore. Don't add chemicals. End of story… if U like 'em so much go buy potato's down at yer local store. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

  9. Thanks for the pointer. What month should I plant in southern california? I feel sorry for these people that can't spell. Especially comrade503Alias. I bet he never completed high school

  10. Everyone probably has soil that is just a little different from everyone else. Is there a way to determine what is best for your particular type soil?

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