How to grow the world’s greatest Kratky hydroponics garden

49 thoughts on “How to grow the world’s greatest Kratky hydroponics garden

  1. Great tips, thank you! I'm not brave enough to question the ways of Jeb but I agree the radish was a sad episode for us all. I firmly believe he could grow a hydroponic giant pumpkin in a 3" net cup just by planting the thought of it into a Kratky setup.

  2. Is this really economical? I mean look, I get it, we all do different things…this is an interesting side quest. But I think the whole purpose of gardening is creating a little bit of self sufficiency. These lights, these buckets, these solutions and the energy to power the lights…do you really come out ahead?

  3. You mention calcium and magnesium missing from Miracle Grow. I have EB Stone agricultural lime- calcium and magnesium- in stock. It seems to dissolve in water pretty well. I plan to try MG blue plus lime with lettuce.

  4. A great video…thanks for all the terrific information. One thing though, about Jeb’s radish. While I certainly agree and I’m sure even Jeb would agree, that it looked ridiculously disgusting on the outside, when he cut it open, the meat inside looked moist and delicious. He never did tell us how it tasted though. 😜

  5. Great video, thank you! I always look for 6500K (Kelvin) on my light bulbs for lettuce. Kelvin measures the color temperature and 6500K is in the blue spectrum. Lumens measures the brightness of the bulb, I never thought about looking at that……is lumens the same as watts?

  6. Just getting started thank you for the insight
    You're allowed to mention brand names and companies like walmart. It's only illegal if you claim you aren't being payed to mention a company when you actually are

  7. My cucumber hydroponic leaves edges are turning light green, what could be the deficiency in nutrient? Thank-you

  8. thank you for the info-s, one more tip, get yourself a fan blowing at your plants, try your best to mimic nature , it will make the plant grow stronger. no wind blowing on the plant leads to legginess

  9. how do you know what size of container to use for which type of plant? A lettuce takes 4-6 liters, what about kale? Or peppers? tomatoes?

  10. Leggyness.. happens.. almost always..
    You absolutely will need synthetic lighting of some type.
    I started out with good ol CFL Shop LIghts- They work great, but they are a little heavy, and I decided to experiment with LED strips. I found a set of 6 of the 4ft LED strips with the same light quality..$39.00
    (Pack of 6) LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture 4FT,20W,2200lm,6500K (Super Bright White),Utility led Shop Light
    All 6 of the 4ft strips weigh less than one of my double bulb cfl shop lights..and uses less electricity.
    Guess what..they work exactly the same. So you definitely have some great options for lighting!
    You will want your lights to be roughly 3" above your plants almost right up to harvest…
    10-12 hours on each day. Buy a timer! Harbor Freight $5.00..I have several..and they work/last for years.
    They are not hot, they will not burn your plants!
    So.. You will want to make a stand to hang your lights from, that will be adjustable.
    I've been doing this for a number of years..and I always use good ol PVC & PVC Connectors..
    You can build super nice stands for way under $10.00.

  11. If you want to see a very nice and good tasting kratky radish look at my thumbnail on this YT

    I show it at 3:13 but my video show my setup at home inspired by Jeb.

    Just discovered your channel will look into it some more.

  12. Thanks for this vid I literally just put something in a mason jar in a windowsill I thought was bright. It's just a seed now but I'm going to change it

  13. So what could I grow in quart mason jars? Did I just waste my money buying a box of 12? I do plan on trying sprouts in a jar. Right now I have some lettuce, basil, cilantro, and pak choi seeds growing.

  14. Best combination of honesty, reality and informative when you said, "Google grow lights and it will blow your mind." nothing more frustrating than to get information without getting an answer.

  15. When you're watching a video and the English speaking up-loader drops a Swedish phrase. Had to rewind and check i wasn't just hearing things hehe. Was considering trying 1.6 liter jars for lettuce on the windowsill but i guess i'll skip that. This video has a lot of straight to the point, good information. Thanks… Also, all hail Jeb

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