How To Improve Sandy Soil – DIY At Bunnings

I’m going to show you how to improve your
sandy soil. The tools that we need are my shovel, my watering can, cow manure, compost,
knife and my bag of water granules and my trusty old mask. We need to improve sandy
soil so that when you give the plants fertilizer, it doesn’t leach out so that they can take
it in through their roots. Our first step is to see whether our soil is water repellant.
The way we do this is to pour some water on the soil and see whether the soil does actually
absorb that water. As you can see, the water just sits on top, meaning that it is water
repellant. So to improve this, we’re going to add some water crystals, about one handful
per square meter. And all we have to do is just spread it over on top. It is as simple
as that. Basically the water crystals will get rid of the waxy film around each piece
of soil. Before we dig that into the soil, we need to add compost and cow manure to your
soil. This will give you a good combination to create micro-organisms and to improve your
sandy soil. It’s important to turn it over so that you’re mixing the sandy soil with
your compost and your manure so that it becomes a good blend. Otherwise, you’ve got the sand
sitting on the bottom and you’ve got all the good soil sitting on the top. What you’re
actually wanting to do is blend it all together. After turning it over, we’ll give it a rake
just so that it’s all nice and level and then we’ll give a good water. So not that we’ve
added these things to the soil, it has improved it capability of growing your plants and bringing
back the macro-organisms into your garden. And that is how you improve your sandy soil.

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