How To Increase Mango Production : Force Mango Tree To Flower

The video shows you how to increase
mango production. Learn how to increase the mango
yield on the tree many times. The mango tree produces less flowers,
reducing the mango yield, Although improving mango yields depends
on the mango production method but the mango flowering and yield rely upon the
weather, watering, temperature, diseases and fertilization. Also there may be a
problem of mango fruit drop after fruit set. At the end of the video, I shall give
you a spray recipe which will raise your mango yield many times.
The mango tree may not produce flowers and fruits or fruit production may fall
if the temperature is low during bloom and fruiting time. The mango tree must
therefore be planted where it can receive Sun all day.
Improper watering can be a factor for mango fruit drop. For a young tree, water
about two times a week in the first year and thereafter after four to five days.
Severe pruning of the mango tree may reduce fruit production for many
fruiting cycles. Pruning should therefore only be done to remove broken or
diseased plant stems and leaves. Fungal disease such as anthracnose ,sooty
mold and powdery mildew can cause premature dropping of mango fruit.
the dead leaves and infected part of the tree, keep the area around the plant
clean and weed free. Remove the fallen leaves. Most mango diseases can be
controlled by a regular spray of copper fungicide and neem oil mix together.
Fertilize your mango tree with a fertilizer high in potassium and
phosphorus ratio, too much nitrogen will damage flowers. Regularly add organic
compost or manure to the soil. For mango trees of 10 YEARS OR MORE,
spray potassium nitrate solution when buds start to form. Dissolve 5 gram of
potassium nitrate in 1 liter water and spray. This will induce early flowering
and increasing mango production. After flowering, water daily until the fruits
are set, afterwards water in 3-4 days. Spray the
flowers and growing mangoes with pest oil every week until the fruits grow to
a large size. Stop the spray at least 2 weeks before you cut the fruits from the
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