How to INCREASE the PROBABILITY of CREATING What You WANT! Law of Attraction Exercise (Learn This!)

how to increase the probability of creating what you want law of attraction exercise (learn this) the reality we each perceive is filtered
through the belief systems that we begin developing early in our lives what we
experience is a reflection of the assigned meanings and boundaries that
we’ve created in our minds everything is neutral until a meaning is
assigned to it based on what we believe to be valid and then we live the
experience of those ideas although common and most all people these
appointed definitions and beliefs create a limited version of what life is and or
can be if something doesn’t fit within these filters it is either unseen or
immediately dismissed by the mind and it is a good idea to re-examine these
filters as we grow and evolve all of the meanings of filters that we have create
different layers of who we are we develop identities regarding a myriad of
things generally speaking the mind creates a
guideline for quick assignment that will fall into a category of good or bad or
right or wrong for example a person might believe that living in a specific
neighborhood is either good or bad they may create a rule about relationships
that dictate something is either right or wrong there might be a boundary
regarding religion that says one is better and one is worse or it could be
as simple as believing that acquiring wealth is a good or bad thing depending
on the meaning that the mind has assigned to it each thing is another
layer of limitation that is added to the self and reality that restricts
possibilities there are also many points how to increase the probability of creating what you want “law of attraction” exercise (learn this) of view to any given situation what may
seem horrible to one person might bring great joy to another what one person may
emphatically love another person may find repulsive these are individual
perceptions and preferences developed in the mind
each point of view is a probability of experience for each individual it is our
filters that produce all probabilities of creation within our independent
realities you are the interpreter of your own reality based on the distinct
vibration that you carry that has been created through these filters and
limitations and this is how you process life and experience reality we spend a
large amount of our time instantly deciding what is best for our lives
based on the right wrong good bad scenarios almost all decisions are
filtered this way for example if someone asks you to have dinner with them your
mind would automatically and very quickly make the decision whether you
wanted to do so or not based on the fact that it could mean something good or bad
or whether it would be right or wrong to do so the feeling you would have would
immediately signal you to make a gut decision this is instinctive and often
unconscious however we have the ability to make this a more conscious process in
order to open ourselves up to more possibilities when we remove
self-imposed limitations and boundaries that we’ve developed we can begin to
perceive new experiences and manifestations if you would like your
probability of what you want to create to expand your assigned meanings to life
is what will have to change the boundaries that have been set up will
require more flexibility the identities that have been created regarding an
infinite number of things will need to how to attract what you want how to manifest what you want be examined for validity the limitations
that have been created will need to be disassembled we block things from coming
into our lives through our own limited beliefs what we believe to be true about
life and its inner workings try the following exercise to begin creating new
probabilities of creation in your own life find a moment in your daily
experience were you able to simply observe what is happening around you
this is best if you are in an environment where there is some activity
happening sit quietly and listen to the thoughts that enter your mind you will
soon find that you are filtering what is happening around you in a way that
indicates certain things as good or bad or right or wrong and there are varying
degrees on this scale for example you may find yourself listening to the
conversations that are taking place around you or watching what others are
doing and have many thoughts that pertain to those things what does your
mind do with the information that is coming to you do you notice any
conclusions that you are making can you tell that you do or don’t like something
that is happening are you able to distinguish anything that you deem is
good or bad or right or wrong don’t judge the thoughts that come to you as
they are natural simply observe them in this way you may easily be able to see
some of the filters that you’ve created by bringing your ideas of limitation to
the surface you may want to write these filters down or make a mental note of
them for instance if you heard a conversation between two people wherein
you had a strong opinion this would be how to increase the probability of creating what you want law of attraction exercise this can change everything your filter regarding that particular
subject you may think that what one person is saying is bad while the other
person’s points are good this could be considered a label or limitation you’ve
given to a specific topic once you begin to distinguish the
parameters your mind has created you can consciously start to dismantle the
meaning when we label something we don’t like is bad or wrong we continue to
carry that vibration within us and we’ll experience it again the label that we
carry serves as validation after something has already occurred
validation for it to continue to be a part of our experience it is an old
program that is running and simply needs to be released realize that anything
that doesn’t fit within these filters reduces your probability of creation
regarding that particular subject to remove the layers of limitation that
block you stop yourself when these types of thoughts come up and consciously
decide to just accept and allow what is happening without judgment when you
accept reality as it is without attaching a label to the experience life
begins to flow in an effortless way you don’t have to focus on what is happening
interact with it or fight for anything during these moments simply choose the
things that bring you joy in each moment while allowing the things that don’t to
just be in other words train yourself to become indifferent about the things you
don’t like so that you no longer validate them as a part of your
experience once you practice this process enough times you will begin to
automatically observe your thoughts and distinguish which ones are creating
limitations in your life because this exercise trains your mind to be more
aware of its conclusions and limitations how to increase the probability of creating what you want law of attraction exercise (learn this) you may find that it becomes easier and
easier to begin releasing or ignoring these types of thoughts
what was once an automatic and unconscious habit of the mind has a new
meaning assigned to it just as all of the other meanings you once developed
the new meaning is that limiting thoughts block what you want to create
in your life because you will always be the one who experiences all of your
ideas in their fullness therefore there is no reason to continue with judgments
in this way you open yourself to a whole new set of probabilities creation is
always unconditional it doesn’t hold the labels of good or bad or right or wrong
it simply delivers based on your beliefs and filters your life is whatever you
are in each moment when you shed limitations that block you you have
access to everything you get to live the reality of the parameters of your mind
if something happens in your life that is undesirable it is a chance to view
your limited beliefs as a reflection and then release them you can then live and
understand an idea or experience without assigning any further meaning to it labels stop you from being your natural
self and once you understand this fully life becomes an effortless series of
events and experiences that can either be noticed and let go of or delight it
in in their fullness when we stop putting conditions on the possibilities
of creation the world begins to delight us in ways that are often beyond what we
could have imagined by allowing everything to just be what it is in its
wholeness you open yourself up to a completely new frequency of
possibilities and a whole new probability of experience
you how to increase the probability of creating what you want law of attraction exercise (learn this)

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