How to Integrate Liquid Fertilizer Into Your Irrigation System With Fertigation

Hi I am Tricia an organic gardener.
Fertilizing is really important to grow big productive plants, but with all the tasks in the garden
sometimes you just don’t have time. Fertigation is a great technique to make sure that
your plants get good nutrition every time you water. Fertigation means injecting fertilizer
into your irrigation lines. There are several types of injectors. All fertigation systems
should be used with a backflow preventer like this vacuum breaker. This
prevents the fertilizer from contaminating your water source. Fertilizer injectors systems can be used with liquid fertilizers or fully water-soluble powders. If you’re using a water soluble powder
be sure and make a liquid concentrate first. To use the Young Mixture Proportioner
your going to put the concentrated liquid directly in the tank. If you’ve made a
concentrate from your soluble powder it’s a good idea to strain the
concentrate to ensure that there are no undissolved granules that go into your
tank, this is true for any of the tank
injectors like Add It and the Easy Flow. Dial to the ratio desired. The young mixer proportion has a
range of proportions from thirty to one, to two hundred to one,
the unit is very accurate and it’s ideal for large gardens and small farms. Included with the Young Mixture
Proportioner is a handy instruction sheet. This helps you figure out which
proportion corresponds to the fertilizers use instructions. This clear piece allows you to see if
there’s still fertilizer in the tank. If your fertilizer is clear you might want add some food coloring. For all injectors be sure and install them
after the timers so that the tanks don’t stay under constant pressure. If you’re not using a timer make sure
the water is off before you open the fill cap or the drain spout, otherwise you could damage the internal
bag but if that happens don’t worry replacement bags are available. The Easy Flow system is similar to the
Young Mixture Proportioner. Install the hose bib adapter to your
water source, be sure that you have a vacuum breaker installed. Just attach the tubing, the black tube goes onto the blue section, and the clear tube goes next to the green section. To install the tubing onto the tank
loosen but do not remove the blue and green caps. And then again your going to put the black tubing on the blue and the clear tubing on the green, and then just tighten down the nuts. Just attach your water source, fill up your tank with liquid concentrate, dial in your ratios and you ready to
start fertilizing. The Easy Flow has ratios from two-thirds
of a teaspoon per gallon to two tablespoons per gallon. Other fertigation alternatives include
this Siphon Mixer which has a fixed ratio of sixteen to one, or this Add It
fertilizer injector which has a fixed ratio of two hundred to one. Screw the Add It onto a vacuum breaker and
then screw your house or poly to the other end. Just fill it with liquid concentrate and
you’re ready to fertilize. This siphon mixer can only be used
with a garden hose and it just screws on to the spigot, and has a built-in vacuum breaker, and then just drop the tubing into
the bucket of liquid fertilizer, and your ready to fertilize. You have to water your plants anyway so you might as well fertilize at the same time. Feed your plants and grow organic for life!

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