How to make a compost bin from pallets

Hi I am Craig Phillips and in this video I
am going to show you how to build your own composter using reclaimed pallet wood. The tools you are going to need are a circular
saw, if you don’t have one a hand saw is OK, a set square, chisel, mallet, clamps, and
also a workbench. And it is really simple to construct, just
a number of small cuts. I am going to start to take it apart and show
you the first section. This was one piece of a pallet slat. It is cut down in size but you can see the
small sections notched out of each end. Now they are the same all the way around,
on this piece, this piece and so on. All you need to now is what size to cut them
and how to cut them. Once you have decided how big you want your
composter you can get your pallet slats, mark them up, and cut them down. They are usually about 12mm in length, I am
going to cut ours to exactly a meter. Using a set square making sure the cut I am
about to do is nice and square. Using a workbench to clamp it into position
and you can cut them down using your handsaw. Now the way the corners are interlocking together,
this is what you need to do. First you have got to find out the position
where they are. I am going to get a set square, I am going
to set it back about 50mm in. You want to place that on the corner, and
I am going to but a mark where that is 50mm in on the both corners here and also the opposite
end here. Then I want to get a piece of cutoff, because
we know the thickness of this is going to be the same as that. I am going to put that directly on top of
my two marks and mark the opposite side of it. That way I have now got four marks on the
both ends here and here and here and here. We now want to set this in, around about 20mm. We want to place that on the top in between
the two marks and draw a line like this and same again that end. What that has done is draw me a small square
here and a small square here. I am now going to cut this out, do the same
on the adjacent piece and then they should interlock in together. Now to cut down your first mark, only up until
where the back line is, and then square your saw upright
and stop once you meet your pencil mark, and then same again on the opposite piece. That one there, do the same on the back piece. OK the four cuts now are coming down to your
pencil mark. Bring your piece of wood closer into your
workbench, clamp it down so it is nice and secure
and then using your chisel and your mallet simple notch out that section of wood. What we have achieved here is two small notches
taken out of there, we will repeat that on the opposite end. Remember we are going to stack them four pieces
high and we will simply interlock them in around each corner. That is my fourteen lengths cut to size and
all notched out. That is 12 here and these two I have actually
cut right down the centre, I’ll show you how to do them in a moment. The reason we have to cut them is because
the bottom and the top have to rely on them sections to be put into position so we start
to build up the corner by interlocking the notched out sections we created. And within a couple of seconds you start to
see the box start to create it’s shape and the more that you put together the stronger
this actually becomes. Now that is my finished height that I want
to go to. You can see that I have got four on these
two sides but we have only got three on the back and three on the front so we go back
to the two pieces that we cut in half now. Of course they are going to clip on and finish
it off just like that. Let me show you a quick and an easy way to
cut these in to two. Now I am going to be cutting this using a
circular saw. If you don’t have a circular you can use a
hand saw. I have clamped it down to the work bench,
I have set the saw guide at 50mm which is half the width of the timber I am cutting
and I have also set my blade depth just to the depth of the actual timber I am cutting. And that is our one piece of wood cut in to
two. You can see how the half pieces just finishes
it off. Now that is your composter complete, if you
want to see how to make compost please follow the link below.

18 thoughts on “How to make a compost bin from pallets

  1. This was great, thanks, I have been researching "beehive plans free" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Tiyia Beehive Basophilic – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  2. Nice one Craig I'm doing this today but cutting the notches with the slats clamped together save work also thinking of planter boxes made the same way but deeper notches

  3. Clamp few of them together cut them in one batch use a circular saw if you got one save time feel epic

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