How to make a Compost Scoop out of a Milk Carton

Hi guys! This is HuwsNursery and I found a
really fun project or craft thing you can do is simply make a compost scoop out of an
old used milk carton. There are many ways of doing it and it is very simple. You just
have to make a hole like that, very easy and just follow what I do and go across like that.
Okay, bring it across the top and then follow it down the opposite way. And that is a really
simple way to make a compost scoop and you can also use this as a bird feeder and you
will be seeing this in other videos. It s very simple, very easy and very effective
and a great thing to do with your kids or on a rainy day. So thanks for watching and
please be sure to like this (video) and see you again in another video.

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