How to Make a Mini High Desert Cactus Garden

Pumice is the best possible potting medium For cactus. It’s also lightweight. Because it’s volcanic. So it’s full of air pockets. The plants do like soil. They just don’t need a lot of it. Rocks, which are beautiful in their own right Are also the kind of thing that would make
you Want to go to the backcountry. I have modified my garden gloves with duct
tape So now I can grab a cactus without worrying
about Some nasty little sharp thing poking me for
hours. Each cluster, each planting, Is its own little composition. So let’s have that peek out a little bit and
help hold that in place. (Laughs) You know, you have to constantly
discipline yourself. My first tendency is to just perfectly duplicate
what I have You know, perfectly balanced And a good garden designer Will attempt to think more In terms of random combinations. Oh! But they’re blocking the trail! We can’t have that. So let’s move our rock. When you do this, you’re kinda like God You can move mountains. Any time you can get color in your composition You should. So we want a serpentine path Our hiker isn’t going to go down an Interstate to see the painted rocks. Oh! We have another crest here With great texture. You know, cactus are so underutilized. Look at this. Isn’t that just about the coolest plant? Oh, and we need our suggestion of saguaro. This is not a cactus. This is a euphorbia…Ow… (Spits.) From South Africa. I’ve heard of people getting spines stuck In their teeth and their tongues Now I know how that happens Now this is probably the meanest little cactus It has the sweetest name Bunny ears cactus And all those little white things are glochids. They will stick in you forever. Oops. I grabbed an ear and it came off. This is what the plant wants. In a natural landscape, in the backcountry You would find Every conceivable size of rock But they would all have in common The fact that they probably originated From the larger rocks in that same area. We don’t want our hiker To be inconvenience by Large rocks that he has to climb over He’s following an arroyo or a natural wash Because they’re sandier And they’ll take you right up into the mountains.

31 thoughts on “How to Make a Mini High Desert Cactus Garden

  1. When she bit and spit no lie I just did that bit and Spit Yesterday lol I'm like what if I swallow the throne I'm like not going to die Today Jesus.

  2. Amazing mix & matches🌵🌱 creation! Id like to make a replica – "my own version" of this mini dessert cactus dish garden of yours Debra, w/ just diff. specimen i got. So hooked by the beauty & wonder of cactus & sucs it all really does bring that i started collecting 🌵🌱 too💚
    You're such an inspiration!👍👍

  3. Hi Debra I really enjoy watching your videos and I'm so glad you don't say hi guys what's up lol anyway I have just started out with succulent and unfortunately the next day after I wanted a lot we had it a downpour so strong that it has saturated the plants do I just take them out and repot them or can they dry out I'm just a bit worried as they are absolutely saturated thank you

  4. I'm so glad I found this channel! Now I can rekindle my old "hobby" if I had one to begin with. My "collection" mainly(or wholly!) consisted of just buying already potted cacti and arranging them. Now, with you, I have a channel I can depend on to guide me through the entire cultivation process. Much thanks for creating this channel. It's a great source.

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