How to make a Successful Container Vegetable Garden

How to make a successful Container Vegetable
Garden Hello and welcome to In the Kitchen with Matt.
I am your host Matt Taylor. Today we are not in my kitchen, we are on my patio. An I am
going to talk to you about Container Gardening. I really like to garden. It is something I
enjoy, it is relaxing, it is fun, it is rewarding. It is actually kind of magical to take a little
seed and put it in some dirt, throw some water on it, after a couple of months, you got this
plant you can eat. Pretty cool. So what I am going to do is show you my garden. Give
you a couple of tips of what you can do to grow your own container garden and we will
go from there. Here we have a cucumber, radishes, onion, mesculin, lettuce, carrots, green onion,
kale. Kale, lettuce, radishes, carrots. And now for few tips on container gardening, things
I have picked up along the way. One, you need to have the right size container for the plant.
I made a mistake, I planted tomatoes, in one of these small 3 gallon, 2 and a half gallon
home depot containers, and they just did not do well. Make sure you have the rights size
container, for something like tomatoes or cucumbers use a 5 gallon bucket, those work
great and they are cheap, 3 bucks at home depot, can’t go wrong. Small containers
like this that aren’t very deep, they work very well for lettuce, green onion, kale,
carrots, things of that nature work great. You have to have plenty of sunlight. My garden
is on the west side, which means I am pretty limited to the light I get. I get if I am
lucky 6 hours which is pretty much what you need, 6 hours or more, I am right there on
the cusp of the sunlight. One thing you need to make sure is that you need to have proper
drainage, so drill holes in the bottom of your containers if they don’t come with
holes, and that will allow the soil to drain really well. Make sure to keep the ground
moist; containers tend to dry out a lot quicker then normal ground, so make sure to keep it
moist. In the summer time here in Arizona it gets really hot, I was watering twice a
day and that worked fine, now in the Fall I water once a day or once every other day
and that seems to do the trick. Use a good potting mix. You can get them at any Garden
Center. Pick the right seeds for your season, and you should be just fine. It is really
easy to take care of your garden and you don’t have to worry about weeds very much that’s
a big plus, so you have no excuse, if you have a small space, container garden all the
way. You will have fun and you will enjoy the fruits or vegetables of your labors, and
yeah, thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy your garden.

4 thoughts on “How to make a Successful Container Vegetable Garden

  1. i would use organic potting mix if you are growing edibles..i work in home depot garden center and thats what i recommend 🙂
    also…growing in containers i notice they lose certain nutrients so depending on the plants try to fertilize according to plant needs.

  2. Hi Matt, I planted strawberries in clay pots yesterday. Would like to know what should I do with them on winter. I live in MD. Thanks.

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