How to make a super fertilizer – Minecraft Pocket Edition

Hello guys welcome back to tel group so today We are gonna teach you how to make a super fertilizer in Minecraft Education Edition, this is special just for you ok So What are you waiting for, if you want to see more just let’s get started Drop it Okay guys, are you ready? to make a super fertilizer Okay Okay, are you ready Lily? yes. yes! Okay all we need, that all we need is a nitrogen yes a nitrogen one nitrogen and Three hydrogen just three if you make more than three you cannot make a super fertilizer just make one yep make one and You got a pos phosphorus And make it in a lab table Yes, Lilly the table right Okay, oh excuse me Lily So this is lab table will combined will combine with phosphorus Okay if there’s an animation there That’s mean This is going to work Totally gonna work, okay. Let’s combine And look what we got Boom! super fertilizer, and I will tell you how to use it just like this is example I’ll give you an example about a two kind of pumpkin seeds and one of them, I will give it a Bone meal and the others I will give it a bit super fertilizer first We get bone meal in Just one tap tap Okay Just not very big and how about with super fertilizer just in one tap? tap Okay, it’s more Biggest than with super fertilizer right we got another tap, nice Nice okay, and super fertilizer. It’s turning that kind of workers Okay, that’s the example of super fertilizer That how use super fertilizer, it’s very useful Better than bone meal, and and I suggest you to use super fertilizer in Minecraft education edition More than bone meal and Cuz it’s more bigger and How about the others seed It’s just totally the same Okay, and we need the other seed. What do you want carrot or seeds? simple seeds Okay So that place it seeds Okay, we will use bone meal just in one tap Okay, one tap Okay, but that’s not usually happen. Let’s try again Okay same just like the other super fertilizer, same and let’s try it with Sugar canes yes with sugar canes Oh Yes here we are try it just in one tap with bone meal Okay tree long and it’s super fertilizer just the same but Okay, let’s check with the others Let’s try Let’s try it with the saplings Oak saplings has tried with oak saplings. That’s very Useful example with let’s write with just one type own meals Whoa? It’s big Let’s try it with super fertilizer Whoa it’s more bigger Okay, and now you are know what? Kind a super fertilizer and how to use it Yes, and this is the super fertilizers tree saplings, oak saplings with the same oak saplings Yep, I didn’t give any mod to this oak saplings or something this is really minecraft education edition and you can make it the super fertilizer Yes, it’s like same Okay okay, guys so today you have learned how to make a super fertilizer and how to use it so That’s it see you in another video of Minecraft education edition Okay, have a nice day

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  1. I was looking for a tutorial on how to make a super fertilizer, but I found more, I found my new favorite channel. 🤗🤗

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