How to make an in-ground worm farm tower

Hi, I’m [Alicia], and this is another GIY Green It Yourself video I want to show you how you can do an in garden worm farm This is fantastic if you find that you haven’t got anywhere for the worms to go in the middle of summer And they do have a holiday because it gets so hot in the standard black worm farms. With this the worms live in the Garden bed and do all their fertilizing of the garden. This is a manufactured one called a worm feast it comes in three separate parts that you click together Right to click together to form the dalek like worm feast. There are little tiny holes so the worms can come and go in and out of the garden bin. But they come back here because this is where you put your food. And they are voracious eaters. If you want to know how to look after your worms properly go and have a look at the green at yourself video on starting a worm farm DON’T OVERFEED THEM – the food will start to ferment and worms won’t eat it. Don’t feed them dairy, bread, meat, onions or citrus/acidic foods. Coffee grounds are great because they’ll use those to help grind up a food and That should be enough to get them started. As they grow and breed the worms will start fertilizing the soil. Put the lid on top to stop vermin. You want to make your own you can do that easily. just get a box or bucket or pipe. Any old plastic box will do drill some holes in it and put into your garden bed. You can also use an existing worm farm you no longer use. The reason these are a bit trickier is that they have a lot more real estate you can’t use in the Garden bed where the worm farm is. It takes up lots of space. You can also make one. Just get a bit of old plumbing pipe or an old bucket and drill some little holes in the side That’s the way for the worms to come in and out. This is a great solution. Just remember to put a little cap on it. In this wicking bed you haven’t got as much space to dig down the giant worm feast so at this is a smaller pot. This is a great way of getting your garden fertilized and getting all the benefits of worms Without them suffering from excessive heat and cold because we’ve got a garden playground. Thanks for watching this GIY video. More on

15 thoughts on “How to make an in-ground worm farm tower

  1. I made several of these myself, using small black rubbish bins from the variety shop.
    I forget how much I paid for the bins, but I suspect its considerably cheaper than the commercial versions.

    The bins had nice metal clips to keep the lids on. The sides were almost vertical, rather than conical going out at the bottom, but the worms didn't seem to mind !

    I just had to cut the base out of the bin, and drill a load of holes in the side.

    The worms loved it.

    However, one problem with these is that rodents will do anything to get to the worms, and the will dig down, and bite through the plastic starting with the holes near the surface.

    I notice your commercial in ground worm farm has holes near the surface, so it would be susceptible to this as well.

    I ended up having to buy some chicken wire, and dig around the worm farm, then put the chicken wire around the outside, so that even if the mice etc, were able to gnaw the hole, it was impossible to get though the chicken wire.

  2. Is this environmentally friendly? You are introducing foreign worms to the environment, it could be devastating if the worms leave the garden and into other environments. Best to use the worms already in your garden.

  3. Why do people say no onions and no citrus ? Mine eat them no problem. Am I spoiling the worm tea or something by using them ?

  4. I put your very well-done show on Subtitles/closed captions and the translation was terrible. It is obviously out-sourced and poorly done. Try it yourself, it is embarrassing, especially the use of one word, toward the end.

  5. composting worms don't like to travel into the dirt they would stick around inside the compost bin, a better way would be instead of a cover like shown here on the video a bowl big enough to rest on top and fill it with a little water for the bees and the birds (not like the story) and every so often flush out the compost bin with the same water and refill it. Just my thought towards it

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