How to Make and Use Compost Tea in Your Organic Garden

Hi I’m Tricia a California organic gardner Years and years ago when I first head about compost tea I thought wow I’m really into this organic gardening, but I don’t think I can drink tea made of compost! and actually it’s not for drinking, it’s for feeding your plants! today I’m going to show you how to make a good thing, like compost, even better by making compost tea compost tea takes all the benefits of
compost and enhances them It helps the plants stay healthy, it
increases the availability of nutrients and it helps speed up the breakdown of
toxins to make my compost tea I’ll be using this
ready-made home brewing kit it has the aquarium pump, tubing, a
strainer bag, air stones, arctic humus, and a catalyst to get the microorganisms
really going the secret to good compost tea is aeration i’m taking two six foot lengths of tubing and plugging them in to these aerating stones and putting them in the bottom of a five-gallon bucket so just fill the bucket with water up to about three inches from the top if you have city water be sure and run
the pump for about one to two hours to get all the chlorine dissipated I’m going to add four tablespoons of this
catalyst which is made of good stuff like seaweed extract and humic acids but you
can also use unsulphured molasses this net will act as a strainer for the compost that i’m about to add I’m going to add one quart of this arctic humus
which is a naturally occurring compost harvested conservatively in Alaska Vermi compost which is compost made by
worms is another great compost to use or you can use any high quality homemade compost so now we’re going to let it brew for about twenty four to forty eight hours and just stir occasionally you can add various types of micro nutrients to the compost tea after it’s brewed for example I want to add some trace
minerals such as MaxiCrop because I’m going to use my compost tea on my newley transplanted vegetable seedlings fish fertilizer for nitrogen in the
vegetative growth stage and for fruiting and flowering add the high phosphorus bat guano or Biolink Well my compost tea should be ready now it’s been brewing for about one-and-a-half days It has a lovely earthy smell and a coffee like color If your tea smells unpleasant, it
means it went anaerobic and you’ll need to start over Ok were are going to take this strainer bag out as
well as the little aerating stones and the tea is ready to use you want to use it right away as either a foliar feed or a soil drench and now my peas and my beans are enjoying a compost tea party! so thanks to my compost tea I can enjoy my herbal tea and watch my garden Grow Organic for Life!

22 thoughts on “How to Make and Use Compost Tea in Your Organic Garden

  1. @MagicBiscuitShow the videos are from groworganicdotcom to highlight their products. I'm sure you can find the kit on the website.

  2. @MagicBiscuitShow The comment from @maxny was correct; we do sell the compost tea kit. It's our own PVFS Compost Tea Brewer, and it's on our website in the Fertilizers category. YouTube won't let me put the link in this answer.

  3. @Warsrogue Glad you liked the video! We'll enjoy your rabbit tea as a virtual (no aroma) experience.

  4. Tnx for your reply as to the name of the tea kit and where it can be purchased. I was able to find it (you) easily from that.


  5. By adding the nutrients to the tea after brewing you smother most of the active microorganisms. When you draw the mesh bag out, think about how many organisms come with it. You do not have nearly enough areation going.

    Tim; Microbe Organics

  6. Hmm I know you can start with compost you make yourself either in a bin or a worm bin. The aeration set up you might be able to find the pieces at an aquarium supply… I'm not sure about the strainer bag, maybe somewhere that sells canning supplies or supplies for cheese making? Anyway, I hope these suggestions help, good luck with your gardening.

  7. You can buy the same strainer bag on our website. Search for strainer bag and it's the only result that pops up. YouTube doesn't allow links in the video so I can't put the link in, but it's easy to find.

  8. I have been gardening for 20 some odd years & have allways taken COMPOST PUT INTO BURLAP SACK DUMP INTO 5GAL. BUCKET/FILL W/WATER LET STEEP OVERNIGHT
    AND YOU HAVE COMPOST TEA the next day . period.

  9.  hello,
    I consider using this recipe,
    if I have my plants in bloom as I put bat guano?
    to 5 gallons of water

  10. I got the supplies for compost tea but have chloramine added to my water which will not air-off. What do I do? Aquaists say it  is a real problem.  How will the bacteria react? does it affect the organisms in the ground when I water?

  11. I use vermicompost, but if you have aged compost it may work. But a working compost pile heating up will kill any good bacteria or microbes you try for in the tea ,, just a thought.

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