How to make bonsai soil perfectly? By The Nature।। বোনসাই মাটি কিভাবে বানাবেন ?

Today I will show you how to make bonsai soil. I will make this bonsai soil organically. That is purely organic.I will not add any type of chemical fertilizers. So to make this I need small brick chips Now lets see how I made this. It is a brick a piece of brick and I am breaking this into small pieces. break them into small pieces not should be in small pieces. then filter them so that brick powder will separate and I will use the filtered brick chips to make bonsai soil medium sizes of brick grains,not minute I will use those only. with this I take broken pieces of earthen pots at first break them into small pieces in similar way. I am breaking these also. after that filter these and then you will found such. I am mixing these with brick chips. So why I am using it?It helps to make porous soil. make soil porous more. So that extra water will not log in the soil. and to make bonsai soil it is important. It is purely river sand You can also use sandy soil. I am not using soil. I am using only sand. It is vermicompost. You can use cow dung compost but it should be older Do not use raw cow dung.It is neem cake powder neem cake prevents bacteria to grow in the soil, prevents plants from pathogens,nematode Nematode means Tape worms.If it will grow in you soil then root knot will found. Plants will not grow perfectly. It is mustard cake use fine mustard cake so that it will mix into soil perfectly. It is one year old leaf compost. I am using it because plant will take necessary nutrients from this.It is a slow release fertilizer. Leaf compost is a slow release fertilizer. releases nutrients very slowly So I think that it is good to use in bonsai soil. It is Azotobacter culture. It is not mandatory to use.It provides nitrogen into soil and at last I will use a pinch of lime powder. Lime powder is essential for bonsai soil. I am not using any type of bone meal here. You can use bone meal.Then I will mix these step by step. At first I am taking 40% river sand. Purely fine sand. sand with small grains. 20% brick chips.I have showed you already how to make. 25% vermicompost, 4% neem cake powder, 5% leaf compost, 5% mustard cake powder powdered 1% Azotobacter culture.If you have not then use 5% neem cake powder, and at last a pinch of lime powder a very little bit. Then I am mixing these properly. Mix all the items properly. Then my bonsai soil will be ready. So in this manner you can make this at home at a very low cost, and you will found so many items easily So If this video is helpful to you then give it a like, subscribe my channel and you will found a bell icon after subscribe button. Click that. So that you will get notification of my videos Share my videos to your friends and relatives so that others will get benefits. So this is all for today.Thank you.

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