HOW to make COMFREY fertilizer At Home- The Very BEST Way!

it’s really important to know exactly
what you put into the garden so in this episode I’m gonna be showing you how to
make your own organic plant food the best free organic plant fertilizer that
you can use in the garden and all that’s coming up right after this I’m Tony
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new content just like this some of you will have guessed what I’m talking about
and that’s comfrey now comfrey is one of those plants that has
deep tap roots it sends it roots down really far into layers of the solar we can’t
normally reach and there it unlocks all them nutrients for us and it contains
things like nitrogen phosphorus and potassium that all plants require in
order to maintain a healthy system and to avoid disease so we know this plant
is a miracle plant as far as organic plant food goes however if it’s not
controlled ie allowed to run to seed then this plant can become evasive
before you switch off though you can still grow this plant without it
spreading in your garden if you were to cut this plant down before it flowers
then you could use this plant and you would never be able to spread because it
wouldn’t produce seed however these flowers are much loved by
bees wasps are another pollinating insects so how do we grow this plant and
allow it to flower but not become invasive but we’ve got you covered there
too this is a variety called Bocking 14 and Bocking 14 is sterile so we know
Bocking 14 is sterile and this is the Russian Bocking 14 cultivar it was bred
in the 1950s by Lawrence D Hill what that means is that you can grow comfrey
in your garden without the worry of it spreading and taking over that garden
now Bocking 14 has beautiful bell style flowers that the bees absolutely
adore if you wish to get more plants from this variety the only real way that
works is to take root divisions simply dig up a plant and cut the roots into
two to three inch pieces and plant these into pots until they start to grow you
can then plant these into a desired location and then you’ll have new plants
in no time at all you can cut comfrey up to four times a year and this is where
you can get our free best organic plant fertilizer there is two ways in which to
make what is known as comfrey tea the first is very easy simply place the cut
leaves into a bucket cover with water and place a lid on the bucket as a
leaves rot down they release their mineral and nutrient content in to the water making you comfrey tea this can be then added to water and can in a ratio of ten
to one the second way is to build yourself a comfrey pipe. this has a
little cost associated with it however you can also recycle these materials
from Skip’s and people who are disposing them a comfrey pipe only holds the
leaves as these break down they release a concentrated form of the country this
is much easier to store and much less is required per watering can as it’s very
concentrated to make a comfrey pipe simply select the diameter of pipe you
wish to use here I’m using a four inch diameter I cut this using a table saw
and table sled simply lay the pipe down and roll it against the back fence
cutting a straight line handsaws circular saws and chop saws could all
be used with great effect the next step is to have a way to prevent the leaves
falling through the bottom here I’m using an old mesh pot these are
typically used for planting aquatic plants into. I cut the rim off to fit
into the pipe once that’s in the pipe the next thing is to find a way to
reduce the size of the pipe in order to catch the running off liquid I decided
to buy a rubber reducer again typically used in the pond aquatics industry
however if your pipe is small enough the end of a soft drink bottle could be
used due to the sloping sides of the reducer the mesh pot cannot get right to
the bottom giving a bigger surface area for the fluids to drip through next
steal an old pair of tights from your wife girlfriend
or boyfriend if he wears them and place over the outlet you can use a cable tie
to fasten them for I’m lucky enough to have a jubilee clip that is it that’s the
bottom of the pipe belt we just need to cut a hole in the lid of a bucket the
same size as a reducer to fit it in this will prevent the rain from entering and
watering down your concentrate find where you wish to place your comfrey
pipe and fasten it using wire, cable ties or as I have here the proper brackets
for this pipe once this is attached to the wall you are ready to set it up
simply go to your comfrey patch and cut all the leaves this process is a little
more work than before as we only really want the leaves for the pipe as the
stems will reduce the amount of leaves that we could use in the pipe these
stems could be placed into your compost so don’t waste them once the leaves are
about a foot from the top fill a 2-liter bottle with some water and tie some rope
to the end of it this will be your weight to compress the leaves simply put
this into the top to compress the leaves and continue until the leaves no longer
compress and your bottle is just below the surface
a simple cap can be used but I have one of these rain vents for this pipe so I
will use this drill a hole through the cap wide enough for the diameter of the
rope to fit through feed the Rope through but make sure you have enough
rope so that the bottle reaches the bottom of the pipe before it runs out
now place the bottle back into the pipe and place on your cap and your done. You
have just made a very effective comfrey tea pipe now you can make your own
organic plant foods from your own plants how cool is that
comfrey tea as many uses and we’ll described some of those in a later
episode I really hope you enjoyed this episode where I show you how to make
your own organic plant food do you grow comfrey do you make your own comfrey tea
put your answers down in the comment box below I’d be interested to know any tips
you have for the community as well because that way we can all learn
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I’m Tony O’Neil this is UK Here We Grow and remember folks you Reap What you Sow
I will see you in the next bye-bye

71 thoughts on “HOW to make COMFREY fertilizer At Home- The Very BEST Way!

  1. Hi Tony, if you’ve got some spare time can you give us an update on how your leaf mould is developing? Many thanks. Chris.

  2. That's really neat. I don't think id ever heard of comfrey before. Now I have another plant to put along the house. I recently started up a vermicomposter, and will be building a Black Soldier Fly compost bin this weekend.

    With the comfrey, is it better to let the leaves break down by themselves, or will using red wigglers/other compost worms, aid in the release of the beneficial "tea" more quickly?

  3. Great video Tony!

    I wish you’d stop with all the useful video’s though! You’re giving me more work to do 😂😂

    Bye for now, Rachael

  4. I have been growing and using this for year it’s great stuff. All my fruit and veg (especially brassicas) love the stuff. On fruit bushes and tree it gives a great start to the growing season however don’t use to mush as it priorities foliage growth and not fruit growth

  5. What a brilliant use of comfrey. I'd love to make a comfrey tea pipe. Really useful video Tony . Thank you. 🌱🌳🌻🌼

  6. I have lots of comfrey plants but up u ntil now have only been using it as a chop a nd drop. I like the idea of comfrey tea and thing I will try to set that up this weekend. How long do you let it sit in the bucket with water? I am assuming that you then strain it out into another bucket. What ratio of cmfrey juice to water do you use?

  7. Rhubarb has exactly the same effect. Plus side is you can also eat it. ( Truth is docks have deeper roots than comfrey and so probably bring up more minerals than comfrey, nettle tea is a whizz also.)

    My bible is a book by Lawrence D. Hills who was Directory of the Henry Doubled society which researched chemical free gardening. He lived in Bocking.

  8. you can also use NETTLES for the same purpose and they are just as effective as comfrey,and thebest part of this method is you don t use valuable garden growing space or effort growing you crop or buy seeds,just go for a walk and using a pair of shears cut as much as you need. use in exactly the same way as comfrey.please remember the country code and securely close all gates that you use.good growing folks paul.

  9. You are very sweet Tony thank you for a lovely video. One question – the comfrey pipe, you missed out the concentration/dilution with water (you said you’d need less that method 1 which was 10:1). Also I have a small allotment only 100m2 so no space for comfrey I’m afraid 🙁 any ideas?

  10. A neat and tidy design for the comfrey pipe. When doing a project using parts that you can purchase….how about giving a rough cost estimate as well? Nice one mate 👍🏻😀

  11. Can u sponsor me for come to uk
    I don't want to stay in India.. I'm fed up.. My husband have a factory but his brother cheats him… Now my husband goes in depression and i want to go away from those things… Pls help if u can.. This will help me a lot…

  12. Been using Comfrey for quite a while now and its thanks to you for some of your old videos Tony, the Comfrey pipe I made was completely made from recycled materials at a cost of a couple of pounds. Very informative video.

    🌱Happy Gardening To You And All My Viewers And Subscribers, Terry.

  13. good day to you Tony !! fantastic advice and information on how to make comfrey tea and a comfrey pipe to collect the rich fertilizer !! 👨‍🌾🎥👍✝

  14. Thank you tony very useful video ,one question where can I purchase the comfrey you mentioned please is this the correct spelling bocking 14? How long does it take in a bucket ?

  15. Love the pipe idea! One question, with the bucket method you said mix 10:1 with water, when using the more concentrated feed out of the pipe what is the correct ratio mix with water?

  16. OK U.K….here we grow again! Now let me see…
    Oh, right, well I was wondering what my wife was doing with that big pipe… in the garden. And all around that big bushy green plant with purple flowers? And then I realized why my "tights," went missing!! Now I know where my tights went. 😭 My favorites too, the purple ones. 😤 It's all beginning to make sense. 😯 I need a cup of Comfrey tea. 🍵😏

  17. Thanks sharing this video about comfrey.I have some questions, how will this plant replenish itself if the leaves are harvested to fertilize else where. Will the soil be depleted eventually after time in the same spot? As I was thinking to plant them under fruit trees as a ground cover, will that take all the goodness from the soil from the fruit tree?

  18. Hi Tony, really great design work there, but I worry about this as a solution for anyone who's self-sufficient in veg, as they will only be getting nutrients that are already in the ground in their little patch of land. In our case this land is also very sandy – effectively sand dunes – so the comfrey's deep roots go into sand. I prefer to get my added nutrients from far and wide, to make sure that I am getting a varied mix, as a result rock dust, manures and seaweed seem to be a good bet. What do you think? I'm guessing you eat mostly fruit and veg from your plots, do you actively try and diversify the nutrients you add to the soil? : All the best – Steve

  19. Love using grow your own plant feed. I put the roots of Bindweed, Marestail, dandelions, most weed roots into a bucked, cover them with water and make feed. I then throw the rotted roots into the compost bay. Feed and compost from weeds….

  20. Nice video Tony, I have been thinking of doing that for a few years and have some of the parts, so maybe next year.


  21. Thanks for the good idea for the comfrey pipe. I just started growing Boking 14 this year. I plan to use it for both additional protein for my animals, and as a fertilizer for my garden.

  22. My comfrey pipe is inside the greenhouse. I think the extra warmth may speed up the decomposition of the leaves, though I have occasionally had to add a sprinkling of water to encourage it. The chap who introduced me to the system called it a space ship, so that is how I always refer to it! I have always tried to allow flowering, but remove the old flowers before they seed, as it was in situ before I got the plot and I doubt it is sterile.

  23. I grew comfrey for years. I used it to heal my children's skin issues of all kinds. It's one of the most useful herbs on the planet. It's healing benefits have been lost for the most part to the general population. I had a acquaintance who reluctantly mentioned she had serious hemorrhoid problems. I gave her some fresh comfrey leaves to make a poultice with and apply daily. 6 years of suffering and after two weeks she was healed. She then praised me as some great healer. I told her to praise and grow the herb which I gave her seeds and cuttings.

  24. I have blocking 14 and I just use an old galvanised dustbin and just add water, dunk in a bucket when ready and strain. It stinks, so you know must be good stuff. Doesn’t the pipe get bunged up? How does the water get in? I’m not getting how this pipe works. Seems a bit of a phaff to have to take the bottle out of the top to shove the leaves down or am I missing something?

  25. Thumbs up from me Tony. Ive recently sown some comfrey seeds as an autum sowing, I've never grown or had any before so I'll see how they do. That comfrey pipe looks brilliant. really enjoyed watching this, thank you.

  26. UK HERE WE GROW: How does Comfrey Tea compare to regular compost from a regular compost pile (made from tree leaves, grass clippings, etc.) as a fertilizer?

  27. Most wonderful ! I love borage! My bro and I made 'candied' borage flowers to decorate a wedding cake … so beautiful and tasty too !

  28. I've grown Boking 14 for quite a few years in a raised bed and have recently found volunteer plants growing in the general area. I'm not sure if they somehow made viable seeds or there's an incredible root system making suckers. I've moved most of the volunteers to our bee meadow for the girls to enjoy.

  29. I bought some Comfrey Bocking 14 from eBay but now that it is growing the flowers are white. Do you think I've been mis-sold? Thanks

  30. I'm really new to gardening and just came across your video looking for organic alternatives to store bought fertilizers. Great advice just ordered bocking 14 root cuttings to plant. It'll be useful for me and the bees 🙂

  31. Wow Tony! I really liked this video; thanks. I've never grown comfrey but going to try, although I don't have a huge space. I am interested in the tea and use as organic nutrient to the soil. Very exciting.😊👍🌱

  32. A great video I do go comfrey and I fill a dustbin up and make a concentrate and I am planning to fill up a few more and I have also got around 150 litres of concentrate in my garage and I also make a banna peel fertiliser and also have bins full of pernious weeds and use the juice of these also

  33. Thank you for watching my content. If you enjoyed this video you can view more like it here —> Don't forget to like and share my content. Thanks, guys 🙂

  34. I just got a new second allotment and this is growing it a small gap between a fence I want to move it and make a flower border… Or I could wait for it to go to seed and put the seed where I want. I never knew how invasive it was so glad I watched this. Can you take the roots for all the other common types of comfrey to make more plants too?

  35. Its  a lot easier to use a plastic council bin, drill a few holes in the bottom, stand bin on a frame high enough to put a bucket under. . I make it by the gallon each year. It has very little smell and stores well in 2litre coke bottles, the big plus is its a consistent strength

  36. I’m wondering if you can also use comfrey tea for indoor plants….would be so grateful for any info. Love your videos, thanks.

  37. 46 years as a plumber , 40 years gardening off and on,Why didn’t I have a comfrey pipe? ☺️ However have been growing bocking 14 this year and put some in a container to make liquid feed,will get some pipe rigged up like yours Tony,think I can manage,great vid keep up the good work.

  38. We have Bocking 14 all around the garden. The bees do love it and so do I for fertilizing my tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. I just use the bucket method so far and while it is stinky, it certainly does the job.

  39. I was told to put the comfrey leaves in a pair of tights and to suspend that in a water barrel. Not tried it yet but have lots of comfrey to get rid of and some blue barrels to use on our plot. Has anyone tried it that way?

  40. Hi Just purchased 3 plants on ebay and got one free from premieryoungplants I was amazed by the quality and size of plants. They came in 9cm pots and were over 18" tall four massive plants for only £10.50 Bargain!!

  41. I use a combination of nettles, comfrey seaweed and worm castings in water and stir the brew every couple of weeks. It is stored in one of those large table top scrap bins. The smell is awful but my plants love it. I am curious though, do slugs lay their eggs in the tea, as I hate to add baby slugs into the soil. I don't want more slugs, but less. Thanks

  42. Great stuff as usual i will definitely do this with comfrey. Im assuming you wouldnt want to dig the comfrey back in with the roots on??? What is the green manure plants that ive heard you grow it then dig it in??

  43. To make my comfrey liquid I use a small rain butt with a tap and a tight fitting lid to keep the insects out. It holds an amazing amount of fresh comfrey. As the comfrey disintegrates, it turns into a rich brown liquid which can be drawn off via the tap. It is quite a lot stronger than comfrey tea made in a bucket with water. For seedlings and young vegetables, I usually add a cup of comfrey liquid to a full watering can. As the plants grow bigger I add two cups of comfrey.

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