kitchen waste.dry waste(paper),soil,pot.. pot with water drainage holes.. first add dry waste.. add thin layer of soil.. add kitchen waste.. you can add used tea bags.. after adding soil,add second layer egg shells… sprinkle some neem powder make a thik layer of soil sprinkle water.. on the top layer you can sow some seeds..


  1. what you are added even you are not mentioned than how can we will understand removed ur audio and speak with your lovlely voice wasted video

  2. really great job …
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  4. Material used :

    0.36 : Newspaper(easy to decompose and to absorb dripped liquid during de-composting of solid waste)

    1.09 : Soil (used good quality dry soil)

    1.35 : Solid Kitchen waste (must be cut in small pieces..shredding or chopping will increase the exposed surface area hence speed up the rate of decomposition. )

    3.21 : neem powder (as we are using fruit peels as a solid waste .it may lead to ants problem which results into ants eating your whole plant )

  5. I have a small doubt every day we get kitchen waste so should we do composting evey day by adding mud or should we store that kitchen waste for few days and then compost it ????? If I compost every day's waste into same container . Then after few days only bottom waste will be composted.i cant understand please replay

  6. Hi, thanks for the video. After doing all these methods, can i throw any vegetable or flower seeds on the pot? How about the root of any vegetables?

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