How to make compost at home (Result & Update)

Hello Friend, I am Ashok Sanodiya & I welcome you back in your own Organic Gardening Channel Friend, About one month ago we shared a information That how easily we can start a composting bin from our Kitchen waste and Garden waste And also no bad smell comes from this type of compost In today video we are going to share update of that video Today we will show you that how that compost bin is working Is the compost is ready or still any thing remain So let’s come and see the update of that bin So Friend, these are our two compost bin one bin prepared at the time of video making and another prepared with remain material These both compost bins are around 35 days old and now will see that how these two compost bins are working is compost are ready or still some time remain ? So let’s check them So friend, these are both bins and now we will open them Now first we will open this one and check This is almost ready And now we will open this second compost bin It is also ready So Friend, As you can see that compost is ready At the time of preparation we have filled both bins till top But now it is compressed more than 50 % from top This bin is also compressed more than 50 % from top So this is the symptom of perfect composting When we notice that our compost bin material are getting compress from top. it means our composting is going well Now we will check this bin and check that how compost has completed So let’s check the quality of compost As a result all waste material is fully compost not also there is no Bad Smell in this compost Now we just need to dry and strain it to use So friends, this was the update of our compost making video and we can make a good compost from our kitchen & Garden waste If you have not watch that video than by clinking on this link you can watch it and learn the process of smell less composting Humble Request :- Please Like, subscribe & share Thank you for watching our Orgnic Gardening channel

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