How to Make Compost Tea for CHEAP

10 thoughts on “How to Make Compost Tea for CHEAP

  1. What a great "fix" ! I love that anyone can do this! I have several 55 gal drums but can't seem to find another one either, at least at a reasonable cost, so I'm really pleased to see this. I wanted to make compost tea too, and couldn't, but NOW I can. Thank you SO much. I already have several totes too, whoooo hoooo!

  2. thanks for showing this video! i cant wait to try this out. we are supposed to get our ground tilled this weekend a late garden but food for later 🙂 no more miricale grow!

  3. Very nice, I may have to try this out. I've got some extra pumps and air stones I could use. BTW, way to go on the rainwater collection, I'm getting ready to install a system myself.

  4. like your videos. simple straight forward…
    just wondering how cheap the set up was?
    perhaps you could add more of a cost function to recap the video…
    that is if you already had the containers , but they previously cost you so and so…
    or you got them for free.  like you listed the coffee bag from craigslist as $2.
    Or you ha the air pump so it was just reused. same with that little aerating stick that attaches to the air pump.

    plus maybe since you're more experienced maybe you could do a
    video on the difference between compost tea and worm casting tea.
    and perhaps what to do with the compost after it's steeped and you're left with the dirty like leftovers in your bag.

    or what and how you deal with and do with the  worm casting mixture after they're done doing their thing

    thanks again look forward to seeing more insightful vids.

  5. Hope you got a slate roof because if you have an shingled asphalt roof all that oil and residue from the roof is going to get into your rain water tote via the gutters

  6. Anaerobic bacteria is not inherently bad. White is good!! Green is bad!! My bokashis are anaerobic and they make up an amazing part of my soil mix!!! Have a great day!!

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