How To Make Decorative Wreaths From Garden Plants

this is a wreath form that i purchased
you could make your own i’m sure if you had grape vines i’m going to just attach
this wire by giving it a bit of a twist so it will be secure whoops it’s not
secure thank you there we go and I have picked about 20 bunches of thyme here it
is not rocket science so sometimes it takes 22 or 18 -[Curtis] this is still fresh its not going to shatter -yeah I just picked this today right I’m going to add a sprig of bay leaves -a little bit of change in texture -laid here then we’re just wrapping the wire I like to go
around three times just to make sure it’s secure pulling it so it’s tight and
then the rest of it is just doing the same thing around and around the wreath [Music playing]

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