How to make Keyhole garden beds – Permaculture Design!

Hey there. So today we’re in Switzerland,
and yesterday I spent the whole day pretty much digging this bed for the guys inside,
and I wanted to show you just quickly in a quick video how to go about it. It’s actually
a bed system which is known as a keyhole system. And, just to show you, it’s designed as a
keyhole. If you look from the top you can see it’s like a keyhole, the old fashion keyhole.
And what you have here is the reason it’s designed in this shape is because, first of
all, as I said, you can reach, but it’s kind of, it’s round at the top so you can actually
reach back into the beds as well. So you have almost the optimum way of kind of reaching
into your garden bed. So it’s a really good structure, but the other thing about it as
well is that you can have your tools actually right next to you. You have a nice round space
here where you can just actually leave your tools and you’re kind of optimizing space.
You only make a small path here, but a nice little area here where you can actually just
feel comfortable as well. So you can actually just grab your tools and do whatever you need
to do as well. So I kind of went by this design here, which is the drawing that the guys made
in the meeting. You can see here that this is maybe the bush. Another thing you can actually
do as well is you can maybe actually put a stone here and then, you know, get rid of
the bush and actually put plants there as well. Just so you don’t step on the soil and
you can actually reach from all areas. Now, what I’ve done here is, the last step is now
to add these poles and some weavers inside the actual pathways of the keyhole beds. And
this just prevents the actual beds from collapsing onto the pathway. A really neat kind of trick,
especially in the round kind of paths. If you want to save a bit of time, because it’s
a bit time consuming, you can also just get boards in the straight paths, but it just
looks really well to have all these weavers around the actual bed itself. 

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