How to Make Leaf Compost from Kitchen Waste

In the name of ALLAH, In today’s video we are going to make leaf compost at home with kitchen waste material the waste left in the kitchen like leaves or what we get after pruning a plant like leaves and stems from these things we are going to make leaf compost for this we need things like this compost bin, and with it there is compost decomposed cowdung and with it there is a soil and it is kitchen waste with it, let me show you the kitchen waste what it is these are the leaves dry leaves you can take these leaves beside that there are other things from kitchen waste like the green leaves from vegetables you can take these green leaves collect all these things and use it to make compost there is a very easy method to make compost at home you can easily prepare it at home this leaf compost is also known as black gold because this is very wonderful thing for plants take a container or bin like this one I have purchased it to make compost add a layer of soil in it I have added already but there is much water in it you don’t need to add that much water I will add more soil in it so that this mud will get dry with soil or will let it dry for sometime don’t add this much water in soil first of all add a layer of soil, I will share with you after adding layer of soil I have added a layer of soil don’t make a bed of soil just make a thin layer and after this mash these leaves with hands like this if they are dry mesh them well as much as the leaves are refine and waste is refine and in small pieces that soon this will decompose normally it took 1-2 months for leaves to decompose and in making leaf compost this is a period of 30-60 days if the leaves are still wet and contains moisture or the green leaves are still wet then you can dry them first keep them in any plastic bag or you can keep them in a bag like this and you can make leaf compost of these leaves when they get dry Now I will make them more refine more small then will make a layer of these leaves over the soil here in the compost bin then I will share with you again now I have make a layer of green leaves dry leaves and kitchen waste on the soil like this this is what you can see after layering it on the soil now what we will do is add this compost a bit on the layer of the leaves and spread it over the leaves after adding cowdung/compost we will add another thin layer of soil like this just make a thin layer slightly thin and then again we will add this waste material on the soil and make another layer and the same way will repeat previous steps and then will add compost over it and at the end again add a layer of soil that is how you can prepare your bin and after 15-20 days what you have to do is mix it well and move it the material upside down so that it gets oxygen properly and one more thing you should be careful about is that whatever container you are using for making leaf compost should have hole at the bottom or on the sides of the container because if oxygen in/out of the container then decomposing process starts in the bin and these leaves from which you are making compost will decompose completely and turn into fertilizer and keep your bin in shades and you can cover it if you want and if you don’t want to cover it with cap and there are no holes in your pot then you can cover it with some cloth or thin sheet with holes and tie it properly and place it in shady area where it didn’t get direct sunlight instead gets indirect sunlight so that all the moisture from it dry out and left the dry compost in the bin and how you come to know that if your compost is ready or not the way to check this is that when you check it these leaves will decompose and mix in the soil and when you mix it well you will not see these leaves as they are showing now and this would be in more refine form when you collect it in hand and pinch it like this then you feel it very soft and there won’t be any smell in it when it gets fully decomposed then it would be ready to use and in this process it will get 1-2 months time in 1-2 months your compost will be ready this is the information I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video till then GOODBYE! take care of yourself and take care of others and love plants, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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