How to Make Leaf Mold – Improve your Garden Soil

Hello welcome back to HuwsNursery my name
is Huw Richards and on this channel you can find all sorts of gardening videos so you
can grow food cheaply and then also how to cook them with delicious recipes, and today
we’re going to be helping the garden by raking up some leaves and we’re going to be making
some leaf mold which is really simple and all you need is basically a rake, some gloves
and a plastic bag. So first off we’re going to start collecting up some leaves. So we
have a few leaves now, just get your plastic bag, and open it up. Now try and get a bag
where you can’t see through the plastic, this is because, well, and also dark coloured because
dark colours absorb heat and that will help increase the decomposition of the leaves.
And then just start filling up the bag. Okay, so here we have the bag; it’s about three
quarters full you want to press it down a bit, and then simply grab both sides, about
halfway, roll it in, then tie it up, like that. And then do one more and there you have
it. So I’m just going to collect a few more of these bags, and we’ll carry on from there.
Okay, so I filled up five bags, now all you need to do is just lift the bag over and just
to the side, like use the rake or something, or a fork, and just poke a few holes in the
bottom like that. Now that’s ready. Now this method works for most leaves, the sycamores
typically will take about a year and a half to mature, which is all we need so that means
spring 2015 they will be ready. But yeah basically the bigger the leaves you grow the longer
it will take for them to decompose. And you can also, the best leaves to use are oak,
and ash, you can use pine needles as well and evergreens. So they do take about three
years but still have a lot of good factors I mean they’re going to have different minerals
because they’re evergreens. They usually take about three years like I said and would be
good mulch. One leaf for example I wouldn’t use is holly because you’re just going to
be really impatient five to ten years they still probably won’t be ready. So don’t use
holly I personally would just stick with broadleaf trees, and if you don’t have any trees in
your garden, just go to a park and remember to ask the ranger or someone to see if it
is all right with you collecting leaves. Most of the time I would imagine you would be allowed,
so just collect bags full of leaves maybe get your whole friends have a leaf collecting
day, maybe get ten bags each or something and I mean you would basically have so much
you wouldn’t know what to do with them. So thank you very much for watching this video,
I hope you enjoyed this and if you haven’t subscribed already please do because I would
love to have you join me because I’m trying to teach you as many things as possible. So
thanks for watching and goodbye!

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